David Beckham Advises His Kids To Focus On Their Passions

While there’s no doubt that many fans from all over the world find David Beckham to be a very good role model, it appears his children feel the same way about their famous dad. As a matter of fact, the international soccer star recently shared the advice that he often gives his children, including his sons Brooklyn, 20, and Cruz, 14. He tells them that if they want to achieve their goals in their lives, then they need to start focusing on hard work.

According to Britain’s The Sun, the 44-year-old celebrity father recently revealed that he often tells his children that if they want to achieve success in their lives, there are a few things that they should do. Rather than go out with their friends at night, they should focus more on their passions, which include photography and singing.

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David Beckham made his comments during a recent interview with GQ Magazine. Even though both David and his wife Victoria Beckham are in the kind of position that allows them to give their children everything they need in their lives, he says he doesn’t want to do that. Instead, he would rather see them work hard for what they want. In addition to Brooklyn and Cruz, David is also a father to Romeo, 17, and Harper, 8.

David told the publication that he tells the kids that they need to make the right choices, even if that means they have to give certain things up. He tells the older boys that just because that their friends are going out every Friday night, that doesn’t mean they should, too.

The former soccer star explained, “Maybe you’ve got tennis practice the next day or you’re in the studio singing, like Cruz, or you’ve got a shoot, like Brooklyn. That’s where your focus needs to be."

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David also admits that while he was growing up all he wanted to do was play soccer. Not only did he end up becoming one of the best players in the world, but it also helped him become a household name. After he married Victoria Beckham, he became even more famous thanks to all of the magazine covers, photoshoots, and sponsorship covers.

However, David says that even with his celebrity status, all he could ever think about was winning trophies and being a part of a successful team.

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