Dax Shepard And Kristen Bell Talk About Sober Parenting In The Age Of ‘Drinking Memes’

Modern day parenting revolves around drinking memes and joking about needing a drink to relax after being around your precious (and very loud) kiddos. It's funny and even relatable to most, but that doesn't take into account the millions of parents who parent totally sober, just like Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell.

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Shepard and Bell are a successful Hollywood couple who've opened up about parenting two young kids sober in the era of wine memes and family-friendly breweries. They're parents to two daughters, six-year-old Lincoln and four-year-old Delta and they don't drink. Well Shepard not at all, and Bell very rarely. Shepard has been sober for 15 years after being an addict for about a decade.

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He is at the point in his sobriety where others drinking in front of him doesn't affect him. That is the sure sign of success with rehabilitation and overcoming addiction.

Dax said in a Lighlife plant-based burger article, “We vacation almost exclusively with three other families who all have kids, and certainly, at night, I’m super jealous of them," referring to the other parents drinking at night.

But there is definitely a brighter side of the tunnel. No more hangovers and with little kids, that is huge. Referencing the pressure and want to drink Shepard added, "I just have to focus on when the win is, which is always the morning.”

Bell hasn't sworn off alcohol completely but doesn't drink to excess. She says, “The wine meme is a very funny thing. I suppose I take it as generalized ‘kids are stressful.’ I personally don’t have wine every day, but my wine is Netflix and cuddling with my husband or our date night."

She makes a good point that alcohol memes are meant as a de-stressor and way to relate to the other parents dealing with crazy kids. However, there are many parents dealing with their own addictions. Our alcohol accepting society may lead some to believe they don't even have a problem. That it's normal to have a drink or two every night as a parent when it really isn't

The celebrity couple has been together since 2007 and married in 2013. They've been open and honest about their life as a couple. Bell and Shepard have both openly stated that they attend couple's therapy to better maintain their relationship. They also keep their children's faces as private as possible. They believe they chose to be famous. Their children didn't.

Shepard and Bell will continue to be the most relatable parents around.

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