8-Year Study Concludes That Kids Who Go To Daycare Behave & Socialize Better

Many parents struggle with decisions about child care. Whether a mother or father chooses to leave their job and stay at home, or parents decide to look into the right daycare center for their child, each child’s care is individualized and probably the best choice for that family. A lot of thought goes into that decision. As you read the findings of this next study remember your decision is what ideally works for you and your child.

In a recent study, researchers have determined that daycare children are better behaved and better socialized compared to children who are cared for at home.

This was a long-term study conducted by researchers in France. They tracked 1,428 children from age 1 through 8 years. They examined children’s emotional development by asking parents periodically about the child’s behavior, how hyperactive they were, and whether they were making friends. They tracked these measurements with whether the child was being cared for at home with a caregiver or in a daycare setting.

Daycare can enrich your children immensely! via Creative World School

They found children in daycare were at an advantage for better social and behavioral skills as they grew up. Daycare seemed to have a positive impact on academics as well as cognitive and language skills. Keep in mind this study was conducted in France. There may be some key differences in how daycare centers operate in Europe compared to daycares in the U.S. or Canada.

Another factor to keep in mind, research has shown children in daycare tend to get sick more often. Children who attend daycare regularly are more at risk for ear and respiratory tract infections.

This study won’t likely change your day to day childcare routine and there is no one size fits all child care. Each family has several different factors they have to take into account when making this important decision. But perhaps,  this study can provide some confidence to parents who struggle with the decision to send their child to daycare, instilling in them the confidence of knowing their child will be emotionally prepared for what the world throws at them as they continue to grow.


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