Dayton Victim Makes Final FaceTime Call To The Father Of Her Two Children

In the aftermath of the El Paso and Dayton shootings this past weekend, many more heartbreaking stories are emerging. Lois Oglesby, a nursing student who had given birth two months before the attack, was one of the nine fatal victims in Ohio. Her partner Daryl Lee has posted on Facebook that she was able to FaceTime him shortly after being shot.

In her final call, Oglesby, 27, said to Lee, “Babe I just got shot in my head, I need to get to my kids.” Lee says that she wanted to let him know that she loved him and asked him to take care of their two children. She leaves behind newborn daughter Reign and six-year-old daughter Hannah.

The senseless shooting in Dayton lasted for less than a minute, yet it was enough time to rob the lives of nine and injure 27. Among the victims were shooter Connor Betts' younger sister, Megan, and her boyfriend. The case is being examined as a possible hate crime since six of the nine victims were African-Americans.

Oglesby, who was completing her degree in nursing, hoped to work helping children, according to her cousin Derasha Merrett, who adds that she was up at three in the morning feeding her own newborn when she received a call from a friend telling her that Oglesby had been shot and killed.

“She was a wonderful mother, a wonderful person,” Merrett says. “I have cried so much, I can't cry anymore.”

Merrett and Oglesby grew up attending the same church and as members of the same drill team. “We all grew up in this little town,” Merrett adds. “We're all family.” Oglesby, who worked at a daycare center, had just returned to her job at the daycare after maternity leave.

The Miami Valley Community Action Partnership, where Oglesby's mother works, has established a Facebook fundraiser to help cover her funeral costs and help support her children. MVCAP of Dayton has already raised $5,000.

Cherish Cronmiller, who works at the non-proft says she remembers Oglesby as a committed mother, who just happened to be out with friends for the first time since her daughter was born when she was shot. “We want to lift her up and wrap her and her family in our prayers and in our hearts and we’re going to do and take care of anything she need,” Cronmiller adds.

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To make a donation for the long-term care of Oglesby’s children, visit to the Miami Valley Community Action Partnership Facebook page.

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