DC Firefighters Meet Baby They Helped Deliver At Washington Monument

Washington D.C firefighters we able to meet a little baby that they helped deliver.

Akela Crawford was 9 months pregnant when she was driving with the baby's father, Ron Payton. They were driving to the hospital because Crawford knew that she was in labor and she needed to get to the hospital. She was on the phone with her doctor when she told her doctor that she didn't think they were going to make it to the hospital. Crawford said that the baby was coming "now." The couple had to pull over to the nearest place which ended up being the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

The couple was panicking because they were about to give birth and they didn't really know what they were doing or what to expect. A firefighter overheard the couple panicking in the car because their window was down. He offered to help. He said that he was a firefighter and had several other firefighters with him that are all trained to help. Payton was very excited and he let the men take over since he had no idea what he was doing.  Several other DC firefighters approached the scene to be able to help the couple with the delivery.

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One firefighter, Juan Melton, a firefighter and EMT of five years, was especially excited to be able to get the chance to be part of the delivery. He had never been able to help with a delivery yet and so he was ecstatic to be part of the experience. He said the whole thing was beautiful. He said that it was a new experience, but with all of the training he had he was "well prepared." The baby was delivered and was perfectly healthy.


Recently the couple went and brought the baby to Engine 13 in Southwest Washington to be able to introduce the baby to the firefighters who helped deliver him. The couple named their Zion and he is perfect! The firefighters were so very excited that they were able to meet the little guy. All of the firefighters gathered around to see the couple and hold the adorable little baby.

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