Deaf Baby Hears Her Sister For The First Time And Her Reaction Is Perfect

A video of a baby girl hearing her sister for the first time has gone viral.


Scarlet Benjamin is 11 month old now. She was born about three months premature and due to her small size and early entrance in this world she contracted a very serious stomach infection. Scarlet's mother, Carol, agreed to the necessary antibiotics that were needed to save her daughter's life. However, the antibiotics had a very serious side effect, they caused hearing loss. The little girl was alive, but ultimately lost her hearing and she became deaf.

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The family knew that she could hear a little bit, but they had no idea how little she could hear once they finally were able to get her fitted for her first hearing aid. As they were putting on Scarlet's hearing aid, her little sister began talking to Scarlet. "Baby sister," her sister kept repeating to her. Scarlet's adorable reaction was to burst out in laughter.


The video of the sweet girls having that moment together was absolutely priceless. Scarlet could not stop laughing and had uncontrollable giggles. The whole family began erupting in laughter. Scarlet's mother went back and forth from laughing to crying. It was an amazing experience for the Benjamin family. After Scarlet went home with her hearing aids, they realized how much she couldn't hear before. Carol mentioned that the hearing aids have made a world of difference for her daughter. We are so grateful for all of the advancements in medicine and technology that not only saved this little girls life, but then provided her with the opportunity to hear. She will have to wear hearing aids for the rest of her life, but thankfully hearing aids are able to work for her and she will be able to hear all of the wonderful sounds that this world has to offer.

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Many videos have started to become viral showing babies hearing for the first time and it causes chills. The sweet innocence of babies hearing for the first time causes almost every person who watches them to feel completley emotional. There is something so beautiful about the pure joy that little babies are having when they receive their hearing aids. Stories like this remind us of how wonderful this world can be and how much amazing technology really is.

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