WATCH: Deaf Man Talking To Newborn Daughter In Sign Language Goes Viral

A viral video of a deaf man sweetly signing to his daughter has gone viral. The heartwarming video proves that love has no specific language, and many users agree. Watching this father sign to his newborn daughter will truly make anyone’s day.

The video went viral thanks in part to Rex Chapman, a retired US professional basketball player. He shared the video on his Twitter account, and he inserted a very sweet caption: “this hearing-impaired father expressing love to his newborn daughter in sign-language is definitely [the] Twitter content I’m here for.” Many of his followers agreed with his sentiments, and they shared the video as well. As of publishing this article, it currently has over 7.2 million views.

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The 41-second video shows a father holding his baby in the hospital. Presumably, this is one of his first interactions with her, as it’s not quite clear exactly where and when the video was shot. The man can be seen lovingly looking at his daughter as he signs to her, and the baby girl is staring at her father in amazement. For those who don’t understand sign language, you can still feel the love and warmth emanating from the father as he looks at his daughter.

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Luckily, some internet users who know sign language have translated the video for us. Users replied to Chapman’s tweet with the father’s message translated: “daddy. I’m your daddy. I love you. You’re a beautiful girl. Your eyes are such a beautiful colour, bright green! Just beautiful! What a cute smile! I love you. You’re a cutie. That’s a warm blanket. I love you. I love you. You’re beautiful. Cute.” If only the baby girl can fully understand what her father is saying.

Even though the baby girl won’t hear her father’s physical voice, she will know 100% that she is so loved by him. It’s amazing to see how this video has truly touched so many internet users even though they don’t speak the language. It goes to show that love has no one sound, language, or form of expression. This video going viral is proof that not only can love be felt in many ways, but it can also be identified almost immediately by people who don’t even know you.

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