Death Of 13-Month-Old Baby In Santa Rosa May Be Due To Drugs

Trigger warning: Child death.

If you're a parent, then you already know that your main job is to love and care for your children. They're so vulnerable to all of life's dangers- from the obvious to the innocent-looking, and everything inbetween. It's especially true for babies because they're too young to know how to keep themselves safe. They have to rely solely on their parents to keep them alive. But when a parent fails to do this, the consequences can be fatal for the infant in question.

Over in Santa Rosa, California, 29-year-old Patrick Oneill was facing the possibility of murder charges after the death of his son. It's believed that 13-month-old Liam Richard Savoy-Oneill died from a drug-related death due to responding officers finding evidence of drug use in the house. While Liam was found dead at the scene, Patrick was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries.

It all started when police officers received a 911 call from a relative of Patrick who discovered the chilling scene. Upon making entry into the house on the 400 block of Darek Street, officers realized that both Patrick and Liam were unconcious. Medics soon began trying to revive the both of them, but were only able to save Patrick's life. However, Patrick later died in the hospital from his aforementioned injuries.

via SFGate


While the investigation is still relatively new and underway, Santa Rosa police don't have all the answers. But as mentioned before, drugs and drug paraphernalia were both found near Patrick and Liam's bodies. In addition, no physical trauma was found on either individual. But it's yet to be revealed what drugs are involved in this case. With the autopsies and toxicology report yet to be completed, it's going to take some time before investigators get some answers.

Police have made it clear that if Patrick had managed to pull through his injuries, they would've pursued child endangerment and murder charges against him. Not only that, but investigators would've been able to try and question Patrick about what happened to him and his son. Perhaps then the police, the public and Liam's surviving family would learn what happened directly from the baby's own father.

With Patrick now being dead, investigators will have to work hard to find the answers to their questions. But with that being said, they might not be able to learn all those answers because only Patrick can provide them. So, perhaps we may never know the full story behind Liam's untimely death. Until then, our thoughts are with Liam and his surviving family.

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