15 Things About Pregnancy We Thought Were True (But Aren't)

Birthing a baby has never been as complicated as it is today. I mean, whether it's the doctor, the media, or your best friend, everyone is sharing a story that is apparently "totally true". Given the culture we live in, so many people have become gullible and believe the most bizarre stories or old wives tales about pregnancy and childbirth.

Let me ask, ever heard that having a second child should make the birthing process easier? Better yet, ever been told that if mom caves to her food cravings during pregnancy, the baby will show it? OMG! It is stories like these that can be deceiving and totally false, leaving mom-to-be completely unprepared for childbirth.

Perhaps many of these stories or "facts" were meant to serve as fear tactics or just totally bizarre antics from the past. Should we believe someone if they told us that eating too much celery would cause the baby to grow celery hair? While that would be quite a sight - I think it's time that we change the tide of these stories, old wives tales, and totally false facts.

Here are 20 totally false facts about pregnancy, labor and delivery that keeps fooling women everywhere.

15 Always Eat For Two?

At the top of our list, we have one of the single most popular misconceptions of childbirth. Have you been told that now that you are pregnant, you should eat for two? If so, we are hear to say that that story is totally false! When you are pregnant, doctors naturally recommend that women increase their diet by 300 extra calories per day, not 2000.

Can you imagine? If you were to eat double the portions during your pregnancy, you would double in size! It can actually be more harmful than you are thinking. Not only will you gain a ton of weight, it can actually increase any chances of complications and deficiencies during and after labor.

So, the lesson be learned that you should not eat for two, even though there is little one growing inside you. There is amply food supply for the baby and feeding it more human food can only make matters worse.

14 Pregnant Women Should Feel The Burn?

For some reason, millions of pregnant women believe that eating spicy food will speed up the birthing process. Well, here is a shocking revelation: this is totally not true! To this date, there has not been any clinical research proving this totally false fact. This is also true if you believe that drinking castor oil will help as well. No, no, no!

If you want some facts, sorry in advance ladies if this is too much information; however, if you are consuming a lot of spicy foods, you might find yourself on the toilet, with a sore tushy, and a little heart burn. At the same time, there will still be an almost full-grown baby still inside your belly.

Anyone who has eaten spicy food and believe it stimulated their birth is probably not aware of the dozen of other chain reactions that are occurring inside their body causing labor to occur. So, before you jump to order some spicy, consider some less spicy and bathroom prone options!

13 There's A Lock On Intimacy?

This is another extremely popular story that many pregnant women believe: a pregnant woman cannot have intercourse while pregnant or it can lead to a miscarriage or a pre-term labor. I am sure anyone reading this article can agree that they have heard this before.

Now, this is a totally false fact as many doctors and studies have said that having intercourse during pregnancy is safe and okay as long as it's done in a comfortable and safe position where there is no direction pressure on the baby. It makes sense once you think about childbirth from a biological standpoint.

I mean, a fetus is actually protected by a powerful barrier known as an amniotic bag and different abdominal layers. If you are unsure whether or not intercourse or safe for you during your pregnancy, always communicate this information to your doctor. Your doctor will have the best and most professional advice to provide.

12 There's A Way To Change Baby's Skin?

When it comes to wild and bizarre old wives tales, this one takes the cake. At some point in history, people once believed that eating saffron and oranges could actually impact the baby's skin complexion. In other words, through daily consumption of saffron, your baby could come out of the womb with a complete fair complexion.

Now, if you can't tell, this is evidently a totally false fact. In fact, to this date, there has been no scientific studies or doctors that have proven this story true. A baby's skin complexion is completely dependent upon one's genes.

To cover all grounds and any future stories, there are no types of foods that will change or impact one's skin complexion. Before you believe this to be true, think how crazy that would be if it were true!

11 Headstands Will Get You Pregnant?

If there is one totally false fact that is hilarious and completely bizarre it's this one. At one point, women believe that standing on your head after intercourse would actually increase one's chances of becoming pregnant. Who remembers the scene on The Nanny where Fran Fine did this?

You see, even popular TV shows are teaching this information! While it might be an older show, it's still out there. There is no study out there proving that standing on your head and performing a headstand will help increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

What might actually happen is you might get a blood rush to the head, a bit dizzy, maybe a small headache, and grow some extra muscles.

10 Food Cravings = Birthmarks?

In the past, there was a large group of people who believe that pregnant women who indulged in their cravings during pregnancy would actually cause birthmarks on their baby. It was said that eating certain foods would then appear on certain parts of the body. This superstition has risen in popularity and made it onto our list of totally false facts that have fooled us.

This is merely an old wives tale that has stuck around for centuries. To this date, there have not been any scientific studies that have proven this to be true. Scientists believe that birthmarks are most likely genetic and most certainly have nothing to do with the mother's food choices. So don't worry ladies, indulge in a plate of pickles and ice cream.

9 Summer Delivery Means A Taller Baby?

If people believe you can't fly during pregnancy or spicy foods will speed up the process, it would totally make sense that if your baby is born in the summer, they will be tall.

That's right, one totally false fact that has totally fooled us all is that babies that are born in the summer are naturally taller. While there are fields of thought that believe the season that a child is born can determine some personality traits, there is no scientific proof that dictates a baby's height based upon the season.

So, if you are trying to conceive and time it for the summer all because you want a tall baby - don't bother! If you want a true notion of whether or not the baby is going to be tall, measure your height and the father's height. A baby's height is determined by genetics, not the turn of the seasons.

8 A Glimpse Of The Eclipse = Cleft Lip

When it comes to stories that the media and friends will warn you about, it's this one. If there happens to be a lunar eclipse during your pregnancy, people believe that it can cause the baby a cleft lip. That's right, through watching or taking a glimpse at a lunar eclipse the baby inside your womb will be impacted.

Do you see how silly this sounds - yet millions of people believe it! The story has been traced back to the times of the Aztecs. Since a lunar eclipse can appear to look like a bite out of the moon - people thought mothers would experience the same exact thing!

To this date, there is NO scientific proof, making this totally false. So, if anyone seems to muster up this story in front of you, share how an eclipse is actually a naturally occurring phenomenon and your baby is safe.

7 Hanging Low Means It's A Boy?

Does your belly hang low or does it wobble to the floor? If it does, people believe that it speaks volumes about the gender of your baby. So, if a belly is hanging low, it's because there is a baby boy and if the belly is resting high, it's a girl. While this would be a pretty gnarly indication of the baby's gender, it is totally false.

To this date, there has not been one scientific study to prove this story or rumor to be true. This is also true for the belief that the fetal heart rate as an indication. In fact, doctors believe that the reason why certain pregnant women carry differently is due to their muscles, position of baby, and the amount of children the mother has birthed.

As for the baby's heart rate, this is all relative and can change through the pregnancy due the age of the fetus and health. So, if your belly hangs low or hangs high, it's irrelevant.

6 Burning = More Hair?

If you want to learn about another wild totally false fact that has fooled us all, check this one out. At one point, there was a rumor that if you experience heartburn during your pregnancy, the baby will come out with a full head of hair. While I am not sure how these two are related, thousands of women believed it!

If you are pregnant and experience heartburn, the chances of your baby having a lot of hair is 50/50 because heartburn has nothing to do with your baby's hair. Heartburn can be directly related to acid reflux or eating spicy food, which again means nothing during childbirth.

So if your baby comes out with a full head of hair and you experience heartburn during the pregnancy, you can places your eggs in the genetic basket.

5 Natural Is Always The Best?

Once you announce your pregnancy to your friends and family, they are all probably wondering how you will do delivery. The old wives tales and old-fashion belief is that natural birth is the best method of delivery. However, it poses a question, is there really a "best" method for delivery?

To this date, scientists and doctors do not have a deemed method that is safer or better than the other. Both pose risks and threats and is completely dependent upon the situation. So, before anyone jumps to any more conclusions about childbirth, it's safe to say that this is totally false and an opinion held by people.

The BEST birthing method is the method that is the best for you. For some women, a C-section may prove to be more beneficial than natural birth Whereas for other women, natural birth may be easiest and the best. So, let's stop this story before it spreads anymore!

4 Not Allowed To Spread The Wings?

If you are a traveler, when you are pregnant, you will receive the news from your best friends or the local news report that you can't fly until after delivery. It is stories like this one that are totally strange and totally false. The reality is, if you are having a normal and healthy pregnancy, there is no reason why you can't fly and continue traveling.

Perhaps people created a story that women should not fly when pregnant from a fear of what could happen if her water breaks on a plane. Regardless, to this date, doctors have announced that pregnant women can fly and travel so long as they communicate any and all travel plans with their doctor.

There may be some locations outside of the country that may be deemed dangerous and require vaccinations, which could halt your chances of traveling to that specific area. On top of this, once you hit the 36 week marker, it may be time to hunker down and prepare for the birth of the little one.

3 Glowing Skin = It's A Boy?

Have you ever been told that a glowing pregnant woman signifies the gender of the baby? If so, and you believed it, we have some news for you. This is another quite popular story that is totally false! The glow on a pregnant woman's face has nothing to do with the gender of the baby.

In fact, many doctors believe that the glow people are talking about is more in relation to the fact that the "morning sickness" and first trimester is over, revealing the mother's happiness and excitement to be feeling good. It's at this point in the pregnancy that the mother begins to do more, circulating more blood, and exudes that in her face.

So, the moral of the story is that if a pregnant women is beaming and glowing, it has nothing to do with the gender of the baby. If she just so happens to have a boy, you can coin it a coincidence.

2 The First Is Always Harder?

Now that were are coming to the end of the list, one of the most totally false facts that millions of people talk about is the second baby will be easier. The logic being, after you push out one baby, the labor process should be easier for the mother and her cervix. While giving natural birth once may provide some emotional and pain comfort to the mother, there is no guarantee that the second baby will be easier.

In fact, in some cases, a second baby could prove to be a bit more painful and harder depending upon the age of the mother and the length of time between the first and second baby. With that being said, what is true is that the second childbirth should be a shorter childbirth.

Shorter is quite different than easier. So, do yourself a favor and don't think that having more babies will make the process easier each time.

1 There's Nothing More Painful

The moment a woman gets pregnant and announces it to the world, amidst all of the congratulations and celebrations, is the group of friends that will say "giving birth is the most painful experience in the entire world." I mean, to this date, women compare birth to pushing watermelons outside the womb and hold this title of "World Champion of Experiencing Pain."

So, before anyone starts getting angry, let's break down this totally false fact. The reality is, pain is extremely relatively and, to some mothers, birth can be painless, especially if they are on pain-killers and medicine. On top of this, everyone has a totally different pain tolerance so to say that birth is the most painful is actually an opinion rather than a fact.

Some people have argued that having a kidney stone, a tooth infection, or a broken bone are the most painful; however, each of these are comparable to that of childbirth. So, if you are a first-time pregger, remove the idea that birth is the most painful.

This is just someones opinion and the amount of pain you will experience during labor can be attributed to a long-list of factors. Long story short, stop believe such bizarre and wacky stories and totally false facts! We hope you found some that made you laugh and you learned something new!

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