Christmas Conception! Statistics Show That December Is The Most Popular Time To Get Pregnant

It's no myth that Christmas is a time for giving. And then again, Christmas is also a time for really giving! To all you moms out there bewildered over the latter, chances are you didn't have a child born in September. As for the rest of you, it's likely you can relate to that aspect of really giving with a knowing wink.

That's because statistically speaking, the holiday season is the most common time of the year to conceive a child. It turns out that a lot of people wanting new additions to the family realize a stork isn't exactly going to hand that job over to Santa to put under the tree. More realistically, it's likely that because couples are off work during that season, they can enjoy a bit of downtime together by working to start a family.

The proof is all laid out in the extensive archives of the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics as well as the U.S. Social Security Administration. The data points out that between 1994 and 2014, nine of the top 10 birthdates in that 20-year period take place in September, that lone date being July 7th. More specifically, the three most popular birthdays are September 9th, 12th and 19th.


Matt Styles, a semi-retired journalist who deals in a lot of data and did a bit of number crunching with a great deal of probability involved. September 9th is roughly 40 weeks after December 17th, when a ton of office parties are in full swing. Ditto for September 12th when you do the math. As for September 19th, trace that gestation period back to December 27th, when all the revelry has been completed, from the holiday prepping to the festivities when the family is around.

While conception around Christmas time keeps maternity wards working around the clock, curiously, you don't see as much birth activity in the first week of November, when babies conceived during Valentine's Day are expected to arrive. Work schedules likely factor into that quite heavily, since February 14th is statistically the 120th most popular birthdate.

But at the very least, to some couples, what goes on under the mistletoe isn't limited to a good ol' Yuletide smooch.

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