I Decorated For Christmas Before Thanksgiving Because I Needed A Pick-Me-Up

I have always waited until after Thanksgiving to start celebrating Christmas. I have always looked forward to Black Friday where I get to wear festival clothing, snowman socks, get to put up Christmas lights, decorate the inside of my house, binge-watch Christmas movies and sing loudly (and out of tune) Christmas songs! This year is so different. This year I decorated before Thanksgiving and I don't feel bad about it and you shouldn't judge me because I have been having a tough month and I don't care what you say.

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Christmas makes me so happy! Everything about Christmas is amazing. I love the feeling that Christmas decorations bring to my home and the excitement my children feel when they see the decor. I have been having a very tough month. It seems like everything has been out to get me and I just really need a pick-me-up! I really need the calming feeling that my Christmas tree brings to my soul. I really need the sound of Christmas music. I really need to drink my peppermint hot chocolate, in my Christmas socks, while snuggled in my black and red blanket, and while watching Polar Express. That is what I need right now.

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In the past, I have been the hater against decorating early because I didn't want to ignore Thanksgiving. I didn't want to jump right over, but you know what? I am done with my Fall decor. My Fall decor no longer brings me joy and I am in a slump. I need me some Christmas. I decided that it was the best for me and my family to start our Christmas decorating a wee bit early and that is okay. I will no longer judge others for decorating early because it really doesn't matter. Plus, maybe they just needed a pick-me-up too? Or, maybe they just really like Christmas and want to enjoy their decorations as long as possible!

I love the way my house feels now that I decorated. My children seem to have a fun new attitude about our home. They are so excited and I am so excited to pass on my love for the Christmas season onto my children. My children are now running around with smiles and there is a much-needed facelift to our family's emotions. My kids are giddy with excitement. My two-year-old is mesmerized by all of the lights.

I am so happy that we decorated it! If you are en early decorator that is perfectly okay! You are in good company!

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