Demi Moore Says Her Iconic Vanity Fair Pregnancy Pic Was Meant To Be Private

Demi Moore explains that her iconic Vanity Fair nude photo was initially supposed to be private.

Demi Moore and her ex-husband, Bruce Willis, were expecting their first child together. Moore was being photographed by Annie Leibovitz. Moore was captured being in the nude while being pregnant. The actress was seen with one arm covering her breasts and the other arm holding onto her baby belly. Moore says that the iconic Vanity Fair image was never meant to be a public photo. She just assumed that nobody would ever see the image and it would be just for her husband.

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She never thought that the image was going to be put on the cover of the magazine. She never thought that vanity fair would ever have the "courage" to put her on the cover. However, the magazine called her later and said that they really wanted to put the picture as the cover. Moore's iconic pregnancy nude image was the first-ever of its kind that the magazine had ever done. Since then other celebrities have posed nude for the cover such as Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson.

Vanity Fair

This was not the only time that Moore has chosen to pose in the nude for a magazine or publication. For the Harper's Bazaar October 2018 cover she also posed nude. Moore was very flattered that she was seen on the cover. She couldn't believe that they wanted to have a 57-year-old woman pose nude on the cover of a magazine.

Demi Moore was on Jimmy Fallon where she was promoting her book Inside Out. In the book, she explains different aspects of her life. In the book, she includes how she overcame addiction and traumatic struggles. She discusses how she has been dealing with being raped when she was 15 years old and when she had to save her own mother after she overdosed. "To do this and have this be something that’s like fluffy and promoting yourself, all the things that are good, then you’re missing the opportunity," Moore said. "I think a memoir is not about receiving, it's about giving, and unless you’re really willing to go on a journey of exploration of yourself, and share yourself, then there really isn't any point in doing it." She explains to Fallon that writing her memoir was not easy, but she has learned a lot about herself and why things turned out the way they did.

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