Demi Moore’s Daughter Says She Resented Her Mom's Desire To Have Baby With Ashton Kutcher

Rumer Willis, daughter of Demi Moore, disclosed her emotional struggle with her mom when she was trying to get pregnant with Ashton Kutcher. Rumer could not understand Demi's fanatism over having a baby with Ashton after going through a miscarriage after six months.

Demi, 56, had tried every kind of fertility treatment to have a baby, which made Rumer deal with inner turmoil which she has finally spoken about, "So much of that time, especially with Ashton, I was so angry because I felt like something that was mine had been taken away." She continued, 'I think also, when she wanted to have another baby and then it wasn't happening, and there was so much focus on that, it was like "Oh, well we're not enough." One of the reasons she moved out of the house was that she couldn't fathom the Striptease actress's obsession even after the miscarriage. Rumer 31, opened up, "I was like 'why are you so desperate to have another ki'" and I couldn't stand the idea." Tallulah, the youngest of her daughter, said, "I felt very forgotten. I developed and nurtured a narrative that she didn’t love me, and I truly believed it."

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Demi Moore and Her Daughters

For the first time, Demi Moore and daughters Rumer & Tallulah Willis come to the Table to share intimate details about Demi’s best-selling memoir “Inside Out,” the difficulties of their traumatic mother-daughter relationship, Demi's life threatening addiction, as well as the men in her life and why their family didn’t speak for three years.

Posted by Red Table Talk on Monday, November 4, 2019

Jada Pinkett Smith's Facebook series Red Table Talk was where all these emotions were poured out by Demi and her two daughters. Each of them spoke from the heart to the show's hosts - Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Jones. Rumer and Tallulah are Demi's daughters with husband, Bruce Wills. On seeing the pictures of her mother with the baby bump, before the miscarriage, Rumer also admitted she was somewhat unsympathetic towards her. In retrospect, she realized that she had never gone up to her mother when she suffered a loss. She wished that she had been considerate enough to say, "I’m so sorry,’ ‘Are you okay?’”

Rumer used to look up to her mom and considered her to be the most supportive person, literally calling her "Rock" for having her complete trust. However, after her relapse, and break-up with Ashton Kutcher, things turned ugly. She also spoke of how terrified she felt when she faced the truth about her mom's substance abuse in 2012. The G.I. Jane actor's daughters, including 28-year-old Scout, had not spoken to her for three years.

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The unspoken conversations which needed to be had took place on the show, and Rumer said, "I love you Mom," and she also recollected how Demi always put her children ahead of her career and herself. Here Demi also admitted that she was "addicted" to Ashton and could not see reality. Hope the family remains reunited forever, and Demi gets what her heart craves.

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