Denise Richards Shares Concerns About Parenting With Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards, 48, has opened up about her concerns about raising children with actor Charlie Sheen.

In a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Richards spoke to her new husband Aaron Phypers, about how fast her kids are growing up after her oldest, 15-year-old Sami, was asked out to a school dance, according to Welland Tribune.

"It's so funny, this age when you start to see your kids become adults. It makes me cry," she says. "I just feel like I [expletive] up a lot with their dad. I don't want them to look back on their childhood and just remember [fighting]."

Richards and Phypers married in 2018 after a year of dating. Before that, however, she and Sheen were together for a short time. The two wed in 2002 but divorced in 2005, a few months after the birth of their second child, the now-13-year-old Lola.

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"The girls have been through a lot and how I chose to relate to the dysfunction that was going on with their father was to hide it from the kids," Richards said. "And I don't know if I did a disservice or not ... It just made me realize how fast it goes. Life is so short and their childhood is so short."

Following the divorce, Sheen went through a public episode, which eventually caused the minds behind Two and a Half Men to remove him from the show. This was after the actor pleaded guilty to charges of domestic violence against Brooke Mueller, his wife at the time. He then was accused of trashing a hotel room. This all led to an insane interview where the star spewed catchphrases like "tiger blood". He later attributed his meltdown to his HIV diagnosis.

Now, the 53-year-old is sober, and it is thanks to his daughter. Sheen says one of his daughters reached out to him to clean up his act. He admitted to having a few drinks before the request was made, but it was an eye-opening experience for the dad of two. Now in 2019, Sheen is a year sober and wants to be able to provide for his family more than ever before. Not only that, but he looks to be a more positive part of his children's lives.

While it may have taken some time, Sheen has gotten his act together, and hopefully, the dysfunction didn't impact his children too much. At 13 and 15 years of age, his daughters are very impressionable, and perhaps they can look at their father as a source of strength, who kicked his addictions to the curb for the good of his children.


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