Denise Richards Explains Just How Honest She Is With Her Daughters About Her Past

Denise Richards admits she can't hide from her past and so she is very honest with her children about what she has done so they don't Google her.

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Many celebrities have a tough time when it comes to raising children especially since their lives are public. Many celebrity parents have had rocky pasts and even when they have decided to move on and not be that person anymore, everybody always remembers it. Denise Richards is one of those people that had a little bit of a sketchy past that was all in the public eye. She shared that all of the stuff she has done is public and it is all on the internet. Her kids kind of found out through the grapevine that she had worked with Playboy and so they started asking questions about her past. She told them that she modeled for Playboy and she has done a nude photo. She is very honest with her kids about what she has done.

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Richards admits that some of her children wish they wouldn't have learned some of the things that their mom has done but she doesn't want to lie to her children. She knows that everything is on the internet and accessible to them. She knows that if she lies to them that they will just figure out the truth so she has decided to be honest. She has decided that she will tell them everything just so they won't Google her.

Richards says that the worst mistake she has made as a parent is giving her children regular phones with access to the internet at such a young age. She wishes she would have just given them a flip phone. She said that it is really hard to monitor a child's internet usage when she can't look over their shoulder constantly. She wanted to give her kids phones because she wanted them to be able to contact her when she is away from them. She said that if she could do it all over again she would not give them a phone that has access to social media and the internet.

Her kids would call her a really strict parent. She is very honest that she has rules and she recently installed security cameras outside of their home so her son, Sam, will not leave without permission. She doesn't believe she is that strict, but she said that she does have rules and she has consequences when those rules are broken. She is trying to raise her children without being judgmental and to be open-minded to people who think differently then they do.

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