Denny's Recruits "Talking" Dad & Baby After Viral Video For New Ad

Denny's recruits the father and son duo from a viral video that appeared a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago the cutest dad and boy video went viral and it brought smiles to everybody's face. The father and son were shown watching a show together. The dad was asking questions and talking about the show to his son and his son was hysterically "answering" through his baby babble. The little boy was clearly having a conversation with his dad and the dad was trying so hard to keep a straight face while "talking" with his little baby boy. The video went viral due to it's heartwarming and non-controversial message.

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The popular pancake house, Denny's, wanted the cute duo to come and be part of their Denny's team by having them star in an ad. Denny's wanted to find the little boy and the dad and they worked to track them down. Denny's was able to find the father and son and they Tweeted on their Twitter page, "find cute baby from viral video and bring him to Denny's" and then there was a check-mark next to their statement.

Denny's wanted to have the duo come and do a commercial ad for them because their chemistry is just amazing. The little boy wasn't very interested at first, because he was too entranced with the pancakes on his plate and playing with the plastic straws, but he soon opened up to create an adorable ad.

It came as no surprise that Denny's wanted to snatch these two up. Their original video was liked over a million times, shared over 1.5 million, and had 300,000 comments in just two weeks. The father, D.J  Pryor, was a little bit surprised by the attention that his video received. He knew that his son, Kingston, is the cutest thing ever, but he had no idea it would get to the point where companies were trying to find him. When the initial video was posted, Pryor's wife captioned the video “Only this child!! Having a full-fledged conversation with Daddy and Daddy is just as bad🤣🤣."

The father and son duo are now an internet sensation and we want to see all of their videos together! We were in love with this video when it first came out and we think it is even more amazing now that Denny's had them be part of their company's ad eating some pancakes.

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