Detroit Firefighters Rescue Unresponsive Baby Born To 13-Year-Old

Sources report that a baby, born in Detroit to a 13-year-old mother, was rescued and resuscitated after being born on a bathroom toilet last Monday afternoon. Officials were alerted by the mother's 12-year-old sister when she called 911 at around 4:20 pm reporting that her sister was in, what appeared to be, labour. The mother, a 13-year old girl from Edinborough (the city's west side), was reportedly unaware of her pregnancy and was unconscious when firefighters arrived on the scene.

Walking onto the scene, firefighters saw the unconscious mother on the floor with a newborn baby wrapped in a towel beside her. "The baby was on the floor with the placenta attached, wrapped in a towel, gasping for breath and had no pulse," Deputy Fire Commissioner Dave Fornell tells the Metro Times. USPosts reports that the crew began CPR and continued until the infant was steadily breathing on his/her own. The young mother, also in deteriorating condition, was tended to simultaneously.

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Terry Sanders, an emergency medical technician who arrived on the scene shortly after the team had started doing CPR and giving the baby oxygen, took both the newborn and the mother with the help of his partner to Sinai-Grace Hospital where they were stabilized. Soon after, the mother and newborn were transferred to the Children's Hospital of Michigan downtown. The 13-year-old reportedly told the responders that she didn't know she was pregnant and officials are unsure if there were any adults present in the home at the time of the birth. The 13-year-old and 12-year-old sister were the only ones whose names were written on the report.

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According to The Detroit News, Latrice Crawford, a Detroit Police Department Spokeswoman said that the department is still collecting information surrounding the incident. Officials told the media last Tuesday that there has been no further update on the mother and baby but as of last Tuesday, the pair were doing fine and were still in the hospital. As terrifying as it is, Terry Sanders says in his interview about the event, "It’s not an everyday occurrence but it does happen." Upon hearing the story, the public wishes nothing but the best in terms of recovery for the pair.

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