Diane Kruger And Norman Reedus Spend Her Birthday In Paris With Baby Daughter

Diane Kruger recently got to spend a very special birthday in the City of Love with the two people that matter the most in her life: her partner Norman Reedus and their 8-month-old daughter. In fact, the Hollywood actress says that even though she’s not even a year old yet, their baby girl loves the French capital city just as much as she does. The Hollywood actress turned 43 this past week.

Kruger, who has managed to keep her relationship with Reedus under the radar for some time, recently opened up about her birthday on Live with Kelly and Ryan. According to People Magazine, she joked that she felt 21 again, while also adding that the celebration was a fun one for the entire family.

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The German-born beauty told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on their daytime television talk show, “We had so much fun. I’m filming right now in Europe and we were filming in Paris, which was so fun. And Norman, my boyfriend, came to visit, and you know, we just had a baby, so the three of us were in Paris.”

Kruger also added that her birthday just happens to be on the same day as Bastille Day in France- the country's day of independence. Not only did she get to enjoy birthday cake, but the family also enjoyed fireworks at midnight. That added a special touch to the already perfect celebration.

When Ripa and Seacrest gushed about Kruger’s ability to speak French, the actress explained that she began learning the language when she was just 15 years old. That’s when she moved from her native Germany to Paris, France to begin her modeling career before setting her sights on Hollywood.

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While Kruger and Reedus love to spend as much time as possible with their baby girl, they did enjoy one very un-family friendly activity in Paris: the Crazy Horse Cabaret Show.

Kruger joked, “So I took Norman, he was like, 'Is it my birthday or is it yours?' He was literally like, 'Wow.' I was like, "Come on, close your mouth. It’s cute.'”

Kruger also opened up a little about her daughter, even though she and Reedus are yet to reveal their name or share any of the little one’s photos with fans. The proud celebrity mother says that she’s growing big and that they are going through some growing pains at home– one that many parents can commiserate with.

She added, “She’s teething, and it’s like, you know— so the nights can be hard for her. She’s, you know, drooling all over. But she loves Paris. It’s the second time in her life she’s in Paris.”

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