Diane Kruger Reveals The Gender Of Her Baby While Speaking About Motherhood

Actress Diane Kruger is exceptionally private when it comes to her personal life. Her desire for privacy has been heightened since she became a first-time mom. She has not shared any details about her little one, until now.

On Monday while promoting her new movie Welcome to Marwen, Kruger let a few things slip about her child. While speaking with Extra correspondent Mark Wright, the actress mentioned that motherhood was very rewarding. Oh, and she shared that her first child is a girl. Now she didn't say the baby's name or say, my daughter. Instead, Kruger casually mentioned "she is tiny" spilling the gender reveal.

Kruger went on to talk about how tired she was but how she also felt like a superhero at the same time. The actress briefly shared that she was not sure yet what kind of mom she was going to be. However, when it comes to her daughter dying her hair, Kruger admits that will be an automatic yes. Changing up her hair color as a child was something the actress wished her mother had let her do, so she is all about giving her little girl that option.

Perhaps it was her sleep deprivation talking, but finally, fans have some insight to her life as a new mom and the baby she welcomed this fall with boyfriend, Norman Reedus. The couple never even confirmed the pregnancy news. In fact, despite several news outlets reporting the pregnancy, it was only confirmed with photos of Kruger's growing baby bump went viral this summer. Therefore, her willingness to even share the littlest detail has fans going crazy.

News that Kruger and Reedus welcomed their first child together came last month. When news of the little one's birth broke, there were reports the baby was a girl but nothing was confirmed at the time.

Fans should not get used to hearing much about baby girl Reedus. HEr parents are not likely to share her name, funny stories or even a photo of their little angel. Maybe when the baby gets older but for now fans will just have to relish in the details that the baby is a girl and Kruger is like any other new mom, exhausted.


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