10 Different Times Cardi B Has Given Us Mom Goals

When it comes to someone like Cardi B, there’s no denying that there are a lot of people who love her as much as they love to criticize her. Why? Because the multi-talented chart-topper likes to tell it like it is, regardless of what people think about it. In other words, she’s got a mind and she’s not afraid to speak it.

And while a lot of fans love Cardi B for who she is, when it comes to her private life, she is fiercely protective of those she loves; especially when it comes to being protective of her baby daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus.

Even though it took some time before Cardi introduced her to her fans, the little tot is now a social media star in her own right. Here’s what we’ve learned from her so far.

10 She Doesn’t Mind Spoiling Her

For Cardi B, her daughter is her world. She’s said it so many times and from what we can tell so far, she truly does center everything she does around the little tot. And why wouldn’t she? Cardi absolutely loves being a mom and what’s more, she also loves spoiling her. And while little Kulture might have just celebrated her first birthday, she might not understand what kind of lavish life she has until a few more years down the road. But for Cardi B, that doesn’t matter. She wants to give everything to her daughter that she can afford.

9 She Gives Kulture All The Riches In The World

With the above being said, nothing is “too expensive” for Cardi B, especially when it comes to Kulture. The little tot might not be able to even walk or run on her own yet, but she’s already got a collection of jewelry that a lot of people could easily drool over.

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That’s right, Cardi loves to spoil her daughter with all of the brightest and most expensive diamonds in the world, including custom pieces that cost a whopping $300,000. Here’s hoping that she doesn’t end up putting any of that expensive bling in her mouth to suck on, if you know what we mean.

8 But Education Will Be Important, Too

And while Cardi is a mom who most definitely loves extravagant things in her life, she’s also made it pretty clear that she will raise her daughter with some pretty stringent standards, too.

Many people don’t know this, but Cardi was actually a very good student back in the day. In fact, she managed to stun some of her fans with her knowledge about American politics and history. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that she will want her daughter to have a solid education, too. What Cardi didn’t have growing up, she’ll make sure Kulture makes up for it.

7 Cardi B Works Hard For Her Future

Many of her fans know that Cardi didn’t have a very easy life. In fact, she’s had quite a few ups and downs professionally, personally, and financially. And while she’s always had the love and support of her family, she’s had to make ends meet on her own.

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That’s why she works very hard. Cardi knows that she’s on the top of her game when it comes to her career and that’s one of the reasons why she works nonstop. She wants to secure a better future for Kulture and her family. Cardi B knows what her priorities in her life are.

6 Cardi Is In Love With Motherhood

When Cardi announced that she was pregnant, a lot of people were shocked. They didn’t expect her to start her motherhood journey so early in her life. But with everything that he has going on in her life, she’s made it pretty clear that she’s absolutely in love with motherhood. She also thinks that she and Kulture are going to be besties for the rest of their lives. "She is so fun, she is cool, like, I love her, she's like my little best friend," she said according to E! Online. "She just makes the gloomiest days like sunshine. I love it. It's is a slice of heaven."

5 Her Most Important Role

Cardi B is someone who loves her fans through and through. After all, they are the reason why she’s one of the most popular entertainers in the music industry today. And while she loves singing, rapping, entertaining, and touring, Cardi says that the most important role in her life is being a mom.

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Kulture always comes first. She could easily drop everything in a split second to be with her baby girl. According to E! Online, Cardi said, "I'm a good mom. I'm good at a lot of things. The best job is a mom. I'm really good at being a mom."

4 But Motherhood Is Challenging

However, Cardi does admit that motherhood can oftentimes be challenging, especially when she is juggling several things at once. She also says that she’s worried about giving her daughter to other people simply because she has trust issues. Quite honestly, that’s what a lot of fans can relate to. But at the same time, Cardi knows that as a working mom, she has to make some compromises, some of which aren’t easy. "You're scared to get a nanny because you don't want anybody around them," she told E! Online. "You cannot just travel with your baby all the time, like, they get sick."

3 Cardi Is Now More Emotional Than Ever Before

Motherhood has certainly changed Cardi B and in more ways than one. She admits that she’s now more emotional than ever before and that’s simply because she can’t stop gushing about her little bundle of joy.

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Simply put, she’s over the moon happy and very proud of the daughter that she brought into this world. "My baby [is] 11 months and I can’t handle it," she captioned a pic of Kulture on Instagram (via ET Online) holding sunglasses. "What’s wrong with me? I [have] been emotional all day. I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine. I'm madly, overly in love with my child Thanks @offsetyrn."

2 Traveling Isn’t Easy

Cardi B is a working mom that we can all relate to. She tries to bring Kulture on tour with her but sometimes deals with setbacks, many of which we other moms can relate to. "It makes me sad sometimes because it's like, 'Oh, my gosh, all that traveling,'" she explained to ET Online. "I know her sleeping schedule is getting a little messed up ... every single time that she gets on an airplane, it's all good until the landing. She starts crying, and I just be feeling so sad because I know the pain, you know, when your ears pop."

1 She Always Wants To Be There

Cardi B is an entertainer that is in high demand these days. But she’s also someone who always wants to be with her baby girl, 24 hours a day. We moms know that feeling all too well, right? "And sometimes I wake up in the morning and she's in my bed and I just want to cuddle and [I can't]," she continued to ET Online.

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"It is getting harder because she knows me. She recognizes more now and that's, like, you can just tell she wants me to be there. Sometimes, when she sees me leaving, she looks up and goes, 'B***h, where you going?'"

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