Disney And Eddie Bauer Have Recalled Baby Sleepers Over Safety Concerns

­Around 24,000 sleepers from Disney and Eddie Bauer have been recalled due to safety concerns. While no injuries have been reported, the manufacturers want to err on the side of caution because other similar products have been reported to cause some infant deaths. Especially if it’s a product they leave their child to sleep in, parents only want the best and safest option they can provide.

Inclined sleepers are supposed to help a baby sleep because you can rock the bed while they’re in it and the bed cradles them in a soft cushion. However, due to a baby’s anatomy, leaving an infant in an inclined sleeper is actually very dangerous for them. They could roll over and have difficulty breathing. A baby’s head is a lot larger that their body, so when they roll over and get stuck, their chin can block their trachea—causing asphyxiation.

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Disney and Eddie Bauer have not had any reported issues with their sleepers, but due to problems with similar products from other brands, they have decided to recall theirs. Eddie Bauer has issued a recall for their Slumber and Soothe Rock Bassinet, and Disney is recalling their Baby Doze and Dream Bassinet. Both retailed for around $60 at big retailers like Target and Kmart.

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In the past, Fisher-Price recalled over 71,000 inclined sleepers due to reports of them causing breathing issues. Over 10 years, the Rock ‘n Play Sleepers were linked to around 30 infant deaths. The American Academy of Pediatrics has advised against designing baby cots with a 30-degree incline and requiring restraints. When babies begin to roll around, they need enough room to move so that they don’t suffocate. If they get stuck and the parents don’t immediately see, the baby can choke to death.

The sleeper is quite a common item that most new parents have. With these reports coming to light, many should reconsider continuing to use the sleeper or planning to give it to a new parent. There are many other products out there that don’t pose a threat to your baby’s safety. It’s important to trust the bed where you leave your baby to sleep while you do other things around the house.

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