10 Distinguished Old Lady Names From The 1950s

When it comes to baby names in 2019, anything goes. While simple names like Melissa, Diane, and Jessica are still wildly popular, new parents are taking more risks with names these days. However, similar to fashion, the past always finds a way back to the present.

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These 10 girl names were insanely popular throughout the '50s. They're dignified, classy, and proper. And while there's nothing wrong with the more unique names coming out today (hi North West), sometimes going back in time and using a simple name, distinguished name from the past is what's best. It's also not a bad idea to use a family name that may very well be on this list.

10 Margaret

We've all met a Margaret once or twice, right? And no, we don't see many Margarets in our kids' classrooms but it could be the time to bring the name back. You don't even have to call her by her full name if you're not in love with the name. You can call her Margo or Maggie for short!

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According to Behind the NameMargaret comes from Greece and is short for Margarita. Even more fitting, Margaret means pearl witch is a lovely meaning for a baby girl.

9 Bonnie

Derived from Scottland, Bonnie means beautiful and cheerful. Although the French also claim the name is theirs. Regardless of where the name originated, it appears the name is making a comeback from the '50s because it saw a rise in 2018!

Thanks to a legendary movie called Gone With the Wind, Bonnie came on to the naming charts after Scarlett named her daughter Bonnie.

8 Sandra

When the name Sandra comes to mind, many people think back to Sandra D. from Grease. The name is classy enough as is but can be made cute enough when you call her Sandi instead.

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Funny enough, the name Sandra actually came as a nickname for the names Cassandra and Alexandra. Regardless, Sandra was uber-popular in the '50s and continues to be used in 2019.

7 Rochelle

It's not every day we meet a little girl named Rochelle but the name sure does stick. It sounds very mature and noble. According to Name Berry, Rochelle is a French name with a strong meaning.

It means "little rock" and would be perfect for a thick-skinned little girl. But since we don't know our baby's personality right away when we meet them, perhaps naming your little girl Rochelle is a great idea in hopes of her being a rock in tough times.

6 Martha

When we think of the name Martha, lifestyle host and cook Martha Stewart comes to mind. The name is pretty dated but it's one of those names that we still hear often in people our parents' and grandparents' age.

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The name Martha can be found in the Bible as well, making it a beautiful name for anyone who's looking for some religious influence.

5 Cynthia

For us '90s babies, the name Cynthia may remind us of Angelica's Barbie doll on the Rugrats. She was Angelica's best friend and closest confidant. So many of us wanted our own Cynthia! But just in case you didn't watch Nickelodeon, the name also brings many us to Cinthia Nixon, the actress who portrayed Miranda in Sex and the City. Cynthia is a level-headed and intelligent woman who's a real go-getter. She'd be a great inspiration for a baby's name.

Nevertheless, and famous Cynthias aside, the name is actually Greek for Kynthia. The name is in reference to the Greek God Artemus (Apollo's twin) but if you're looking for a nickname for Cynthia, Cindy is a great choice!

4 Maria

Maria is one of those ageless names that works well for both older and younger generations. It's youthful and timeless, making a great family name to pass down if the name Maria is in your family.

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According to Baby Name Wizard, the name Maria has a few different meanings—which aren't the most whimsical—but the name Maria does hit the ears nicely. There are also adorable nicknames for Maria, like Mia, Ria, and even Mary.

3 Josephine

How stunning is the name Josephine? Coming from France, the name has such an elegant flair to it and is the feminine version of Joseph. In French, the name means "Jehovah increases," according to Nameberry, and has been mentioned multiple times throughout plays, movies, and books. In pop culture, most of the characters named Josephine are nicknamed Jo or Joey (like Joey from Dawson''s Creek).

In history, women named Josephine have been quite prestigious and placed on a pedestal, like Joséphine of Leuchtenberg; the former Queen of Sweeden and Norway.

2 Lillian

The name Lilian was popular in the '50s and is still very popular today. While some parents opt out of the formal name Lillian, others may choose the nickname version instead: Lily or Lilly.

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There are hundreds of women in showbusiness named Lily (like Lili Reinhart from Riverdale and Lily Pritchett-Tucker from Modern Family), which inspires other women to name their sweet girls the same name. Who wouldn't want their baby named after a flower anyway?

1 June

June is typically the go-to name if two people give birth to their baby girl in June of conceived her in June, but they don't necessarily need to have a connection to the month of June to pick this name. Just look at June Cleaver, June Carter, and June Foray. June is a sweet remembrance of summer and actually means young in Latin. Abroad the name June is actually short for Junette, according to Babble.

No matter what name from the '50s a parent chooses, these 10 baby girl names sound sweet to the ear and would be great additions to a family looking to pass down a family name.

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