Disturbing New Government Twitter Memes Seek To Promote Baby Safety

The U.S. Government is using some unusual memes to promote baby safety. Usually, sticklers for actual safety, the babies and toddlers in these memes are doing some dangerous stuff all in the name of safety education

The memes are coming from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (USCPSC)'s own social media account. Their Twitter had been promoting baby safety month that just wrapped up in September. Throughout the month, the shared many witty, and honestly some disturbing, memes about keeping your baby safe.

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They touched on safe sleep, not playing with cords, water safety, video games, cord blinds, ATV's, and many other important parenting topics. Many are common sense, but you never know. We can all use a friendly reminder to be as safe as possible with our precious babies.

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We don't know who runs this Twitter account but we definitely want to be their friend. The United States government isn't exactly known for their sense of humor. In fact, it's the opposite. But not the USCPSC!

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has the tough job of regulating many items, for babies and kids, and their parents. They keep track of recalled items and conduct studies on how to make our lives safer. But that doesn't mean they can't have fun with it all. Any job is more fun with more humor. And whoever is on this safety commission gets that.

Baby Safety Month was in September but we need to be baby safe all year round. These memes were designed to promote safety and make you chuckle. Keep following this Twitter account to not only laugh but keep up on everything safety.

They don't exclusively focus on kids either. These are the people who will let you know when anything is dangerous. We can't promise you that their their others posts are as weird, but they may be. Wouldn't you love to learn about a defective piece of furniture with a giant sun baby?

Maybe the safety commission is on to something...

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