6-DIY For The Home

1.Under-the-Bed Drawer Storage via BHG

Before throwing out that old bureau or dresser, snag those unwanted drawers. By installing casters on the bottom and decorating with a layer of paint and easily installed drawer pulls, you can utilize the often-wasted space under your bed to hide away

extra linens, shoes, or even gift wrapping supplies.

2. Use Bold Colors to Liven Up Old Wood Furniture via Visibly Moved.

A simple can of paint can bring a pop of color to your old outdoor wood furniture. Not only does this improve the overall look of your back porch, but it also graces your furniture with a longer life. Don’t be afraid of bright colors, because outdoor furniture is more easily muted than indoor pieces.

3.Peek-a-Boo Patterns via Cutting Edge Stencils

Avoid overdoing a room with patterns by using solid colors on the visible surfaces of cabinets and bureaus and then stenciling fun patterns on the sides of the drawers. This keeps your room décor simple while adding an exciting and unexpected pop of stenciled patterns as you pull open each drawer.

4. Fabric Canvas Wall Art via Four Generations One Roof.

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