How To Make A DIY Winter Forest Advent Calendar

The countdown for Christmas is something that most children will be starting to get wildly excited over. Having an advent calendar is a cute way to build up the anticipation for the arrival of Christmas Eve as well as being a nice little number-reading activity for younger kids. Now we're at the end of November, advent calendars are stocked up in most stores. But being something that is used for 24 days only, they seem so wasteful! I also find that the chocolate can be disappointing, and is often on the stale side.

I came up with an advent calendar that you can use year after year. It is also a lot cuter, and more interactive than the store-bought ones. Plus, you can amp up the quality of the treat, and put whatever you want in it.

Here's what you'll need: 

  • 7 Sheets of Construction Card in Forest Colours
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Christmas Chocolates/Candy or whatever treat you want to put inside
  • A board or tray (I used the bottom board from a wooden puzzle)
  • 3-4 Small Pine Cones (optional)
  • 1 Figurine Christmas Tree Decoration (optional)
  • Battery-powered string lights (optional)
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What to do:

First, make the trees. Cut twenty-four circles out of your card. I used three different sized circles so that my trees were different heights. Cut out one quarter out of the circle (like a piece of pie), and then roll the circle into a cone shape. Glue the overlapping flap down, so that it holds as a cone. If the base isn't even, straighten it with scissors so it will stand. Repeat with each circle. This is the longest part!

Once done, put them on your tray to make sure they all fit, then number them 1-24 with a marker. Mix them around, so that they are not in sequential order. Place a treat under each pine tree. Use a bit of tape or tack to stick down your decorations if using them (the pine cones/tree decoration) to create a little scene in the forest.

Weave the lights around the trees, and tape down if needed. Voila! Then you'll have a perfect DIY advent calendar to count down the holidays with.


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