Dressing For Two: 5 Easy DIY Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

As Halloween is coming closer, costume parties and trick or treating are drawing near. Halloween brings lots of fun opportunities to dress up and go out. There are adult and kid parties to attend but now it's getting harder and harder to find less showy costumes for women. You may be feeling self-conscious about your stomach poking out, or you may be wanting to show it off as much as possible. You may have money to go and get a costume or you may be saving all your extra funds for when baby gets here. You could be into the DIY costumes or store bought, if you're already on Pinterest or other sites looking for ideas to make, here are five you may want to consider.

Zombie Baby: This is one that has been fairly popular in the past. To do it, you need fake blood, a white shirt, and fake feet/hands. Tatter the shirt up a little and spray it with fake blood around the stomach, attach the arms and legs on the shirt (or in the shirt). You can also buy it already made.

Avocado: One costume that has been floating around is a store bought avocado- with the belly being the pit. If you want to DIY, here is one way to do it. 


Man With Beer Belly: There is a costume floating around anytime you google "pregnancy costumes." It's super simple to pull together and nearly everyone has what is needed in the closet. Pair a shirt a size too small, let your belly stick out, pair with suspenders and a baggier pair of jeans, add in a baseball cap and fake 5 O'Clock shadow and you have the look put together.

Pregnant Bride: Another popular costume, the pregnant bride is great for adult parties and in adult settings- as long as people have the same sense of humorWhat you need- wedding dress and accessories

Bubblegum Machine: All you'll need is a red hat or hair spray, white shirt, red skirt, colorful pompoms, and silver/grey felt. Take the felt and cut out the shape of the coin slot and hot glue it on to the top of the skirt, hot glue the pom poms onto the center of the shirt in a circle and cut out the 25 cent sign and glue above the pom poms.

Kanga and Roo: This costume is giving us some serious ADORABLE Winnie the Pooh vibes, and it's super simple to make. You'll need a brown dress/shirt or bodysuit, large peice of white felt, brown and pink felt and a headband, and a stuffed baby kangaroo.Cut a large circle and make a pouch out of the white felt and hot glue it to the dress, take the brown and pink felt and cut/stuff a pair of Kangaroo ears and attach to the headband and put the baby in the pouch.

And there you have it! Will you be trying out any of these fun costume ideas this Halloween? Let us know what you'll be dressing up as this year!

Image credit to Delia Creates. Check out her awesome costume ideas here!


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