DIY: The Best Nursery Design Ideas of 2016

Designing your home can be one of the most tedious and elaborate tasks of all time. And if you are having a baby, there's an added responsibility of creating that cozy and perfect nursery where your baby will be spending most of their pristine, adorable moments.

There can be a lot of nursery furniture to choose from - right from the accessories to be used to the general ambiance of the room. And every year brings with it a plethora of choices to pick from.

If you're having a baby in 2016, worry not, for we have assembled a list of the most epic designs that you can incorporate in the most important room of your house.

9  Unique Lighting 

There are a lot of aspects to consider while decorating the nursery, and lighting up your little star’s room is one of the most important tasks. Grand pendants and chandeliers are back in style to dazzle nurseries with their distinguishing presence. Quirky lamps and offbeat night-stands have become must-have items of the market this year. 

You can also choose to incorporate fairy lights in the nursery that will not only look pleasing, but will also mesmerize your baby with their enchanting effect.

You can work on all kinds of cabinets and bassinets, but if the lighting is not right, then the nursery will never feel as comforting and cozy as you had always imagined it to be. Thankfully, 2016 has brought with it a range of options to bring that unique flare to your baby’s room. 

8  Good ol’ Pastels 

Soft colors and a baby’s nursery go together like peas and carrots. They never go out of style, so it’s no wonder then that pastel shades are back with a bang this year. Apart from being soothing to the eye, they also allow you to experiment with the various accessories in your baby’s room - like window panels, shelves, and toys. You can make them stand out in the serene and soft background. 

A dark shaded shelf will not only complement the neutral, milky background, but also distinctively accentuate it. 

Pink, mauve, and baby blue are some of the colors that you can use to make the design of your baby’s nursery splendid. Everything from the paint on the walls, to the hue of the curtains can be customized using these shades. Pastels will surely make your baby’s nursery endearing and beautiful.

7  One-of-a-kind Chairs 

This is a must-have for those tired backs and sleepless nights most parents have while tending to a baby. Thankfully, snug and fancy chairs are here to save the day (or night) in 2016. The best part about them is they're customizable. You can make them according to your own needs.

Bring out those plush cushions and warm blankets and decorate the chair specially made for you, and turn it into a distinctive masterpiece that you won’t be willing to let go of. You can even buy a fancy couch and deck it out using linen and pillows that will surely have your heart and your behind at peace.

Expand into the realm of rainbows or limit yourself to monochromatic hues - a statement sofa is the best thing you can purchase to make a nursery even more comfortable.

6  Statement Cribs

When a prince or princess is born, they should have a magnificent throne all to themselves. So say bye-bye to those boring, regular cribs that you are tired of seeing in most nurseries. Spruce up your idea of the modern day crib with a unique and trendy crib. And luckily for you, there's a wide assortment of designs that you can adopt for your baby’s nursery.

Cribs in unexpected shapes and sizes are creating their very own niche in the nursery market and you don’t want to miss out on these. Expand your creativity to make your baby’s crib the center-piece of the room.

Modern crib bedding use interesting materials- satin, chiffon, and silk, to create a luxurious looking crib for your little one. Use these liberally to beautify your baby’s crib in the most unique manner.  You'll definitely love it.

5 Add an Earthy Touch with Wood

You can add wooden accents to the nursery in subtle as well as prominent tones. Shelves with wooden intonation are a classic and are going to continue being so in 2016. Pick up the DIY version of shelves from your nearby supermarket and add it to the nursery as your personal token. OR, go in and make a wooden crib for your baby! The possibilities are endless.

Moreover, you can choose wall arts and decorative pieces for your baby’s room having a similar rustic palette. No matter how big or small you choose to accentuate wooden accents in the nursery, you can be sure of one thing- it will not seem intimidating, as earthy hues rarely do.

Rustic wooden designs bring a politeness to any room that is comparable to no other. You want your baby to grow up in a cozy, grounded and friendly nursery - and this is the perfect way to accomplish that. 

4  "Nature" Walls

Create a feature wall in the nursery and make it one of the most important aspects of your baby’s room. Don't use geometric shapes, they're so last year. ‘Natural’ is the way to go this year. With everything from fluffy clouds to autumn trees, these patterns can be used to adorn your nursery walls and make them into the perfect jewel to embellish your baby’s room.

You don't have to stick to a particular palette when it comes to paint. Monochromatic tinges can make an otherwise bold room into a softer rendition, whereas colors can pop out and complement a toned-down nursery.

After choosing a color scheme, use nature-inspired patterns for other elements in the nursery, like bed sheets, wall paintings, stuffed-toys etc. Mingle nature with fashion for a truly magical effect.

3  Go Modern 

The entire world is keeping itself in pace with upcoming times, so why should your little one be any different? Think sleek, stylish and clean for your nursery. From solid enigmatic shades, to white compact hues - modern designs will stay and slay in 2016. 

Bright, clean furniture and modern, curt lighting will bring an edginess to your baby’s nursery that you won’t be able to help but marvel at; tinted bulbs, statement cribs and crisp walls perfectly blend together to produce a stunning nursery that your baby deserves in this modern culture. 

2  Use Glass

Transparency is a trait that can bring a certain amount of purity to your baby’s nursery. Intones of glass and crystal are sure to make the room look soft and immaculate.

Don’t forget that glass has a tendency to break and form shards which might be dangerous. So choose to incorporate glassware in a way that will keep your little one out of harm’s way. 

Pretty pendants, designed with glass, hanging from the ceiling are not only a sure-shot way to amaze, but will also cast light around that will be entrancingly beautiful. Use glassware for decoration and art; vases and wall-hangings, for instance, can easily encompass glass to adorn your baby’s nursery, and leave it with a newer pristine dimension.

1 Be Proud of Your Nursery Design

Your baby’s first walk, first laugh, first words and many more such precious moments will happen in the environment you create. Looking back in your future you'll be proud to reminisce about how you pulled your nursery look together. Go ahead and pick your favorites from this year’s trends but don’t forget that nursery designing should first and foremost be fun. 

So relax, take a deep breath and unleash the quirkiness and playfulness in you while designing the nursery. You are sure to end up with a masterpiece that you can proudly look upon.

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