Do These Old Wives’ Tales Really Predict the Baby’s Gender?

Thanks to medicine and technology, there are ways to determine the sex of your baby long before he or she gets here! Your ultrasound technician should be able to tell you the sex of your baby around your 20-week ultrasound--that is, if baby cooperates and is in the right position for the tech to see what they need to see! Another (100% foolproof!) way of finding out the baby's sex is opting for genetic testing.

Old wives' tales are a fun, and yes, kind of silly way to try to predict the sex of your baby. Here are 10 old wives' tales that you can test out for yourself! I did. Check out my results!

10 High or Low

The old wives' tale says that if you're carrying high, it's a girl, and if you're carrying low it's a boy. Other versions also say that if your baby weight is all in your belly, (you look like you're hiding a basketball under your shirt) it's a boy. Supposedly if your weight is distributed throughout your middle, it's a girl.

I tried it: I was definitely a basketball smuggler, and I had a boy. Correct!

9 Line Up!

The linea nigra, or the dark line that shows up on your belly during pregnancy, is supposed to be a clue to the sex of your baby. If the line travels up past your belly button, it's a boy! If it goes down past your belly button, it's a girl!

I tried it: mine was long and went up through my belly button. Correct!

8 Listen to Your Heart

The next time you're at the ob/gyn's for a check-up and you hear the baby's heartbeat, pay attention to the number of beats per minute. The numbers vary on this one from tale to tale, but if the baby's heart beats more than 150 beats per minute,  you are carrying a girl. If it's less than 150, it's a boy!

I tried it: baby's heart rate was always somewhere in the 150s. Wrong!

7 Sugar and Spice?

Sugar and spice and everything nice. If you're craving sweets or citrus fruits, you're having a girl! If you're craving salty, savory foods, it's a boy! There are lots of theories why you have cravings for certain foods during pregnancy. One of the most likely possibilities is that your body knows what it needs; cravings are likely a way of getting your body the nutrients that it needs. Another theory is that all of those pregnancy hormones temporarily alter the way things taste and smell, changing what sounds delicious (and what doesn't!)

I tried it: I ate tons of fruit, orange juice, and craved lemonade when I was pregnant. Might have also had one or two (or several) pints of ice cream as well. Wrong! 

6 Ring, Ring!

Take your wedding ring off (if you can get it off!) and hang it on a string or chain. Lay down and hold the chain above your baby bump. If it swings back and forth like a pendulum, you are having a boy. If it swings around in a circle, you're carrying a girl. However, during my research, I found that some people say the opposite. If your ring swings back and forth, it's a girl, and if it swings in a circle it's a boy. You have a 50/50 shot of getting it right, either way!

I tried it: it swung back and forth. I guess you could call this one correct!

5 If You Glow, You Know

If you're having a girl, she may "steal your looks." So, if people are asking you if you're tired or unwell, you may be having a girl. On the flipside, if people can't stop commenting on how gorgeous and glowing you are, you're having a boy. Speaking of glowing, if your skin is nice and clear, it's a boy. It's a girl if you find yourself dealing with acne all over again. Also, if your hair is thin and dull, it's a girl, and if your mane is thick, glossy, and full, it's a boy.

I tried it: I don't know about "glowing" but I had really clear skin and my hair was great. Correct!

4 Your Wee Does What?

This old wives' tale is a little strange, but if it's out there, that means someone else has probably already done it. Pee in a cup, add a tablespoon of Drano, and watch to see what color your urine changes. Green for a girl, blue for a boy. Another theory is that if your urine is bright yellow, you will have a boy. Dull yellow? It's a girl.

Sorry, I didn't try this one!

3 Good Night, Sleep Tight!

If you prefer sleeping on your left side, you're having a boy. If you sleep on your right side, it's a girl. Remember, when you're pregnant, sleeping on your side is better; sleeping on your left side is the best. Sleeping on your left side increases the amount of blood and nutrients to your baby.

I tried it: I was usually a stomach or left-side sleeper. When you get really far along in your pregnancy, though, you'll sleep in any position that you can get comfortable in. Correct!

2 Feeling Sick?

Supposedly, extreme morning sickness means you're carrying a girl. While doctors aren't really sure what causes morning sickness, most think it's the body's reaction to the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) which is produced at the highest levels during the first trimester. As many as 90% of women experience some levels of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Most of the time, symptoms dissipate by the 4th month.

I tried it: I was lucky and never really felt too nauseous! Correct!

1 Even and Odd

If your age and year of conception are both even or odd, it's a girl. If one of those numbers is odd and the other is even, then it's a boy. So, if you conceived when you were 28 and got pregnant in 2016, it's a girl!

I tried it: I conceived at age 34 in 2015. One even, one odd. Correct!

Have you tried out any of these old wives' tales? Let us know!

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