Internet Calls Out Doctor For Claiming That His Pregnant Wife Is "Lazy"

For those of us who have experienced pregnancy, we know that it is no joke. And while it's true that some women have an easier go of it - both physically and emotionally - than others, pregnancy is nevertheless a challenging time. Recently, an anonymous man took to Reddit to vent some frustrations he was having at home with his wife, who is currently expecting their first child. According to him, she has completely withdrawn from her responsibilities.

"She lost interest in work, we had recent fights about her wanting to quit medicine and stop working entirely to focus on caring for the kid. She no longer helps out around the home," he said.

Quite openly and honestly, he asked Reddit if he was being unfair when he told her that "being pregnant doesn't make you lazy."

Not long after he pressed 'enter', the internet let him have it.

"The fact that we have to explain to him, a doctor, that pregnancy is hard on the body is...really really scary," one user wrote.

Others were more diplomatic in their responses, laying out for him just how difficult pregnancy can be. One user pointed out that being pregnant completely zaps your energy, and can be akin to having mononucleosis, which is often characterized by extreme fatigue. Others, however, weren't as kind, labelling him as someone "who should know better", and demanding he apologize to his wife and show her a little more support and understanding.

According to his post, both he and his wife are medical doctors. He is an emergency room attending physician making $550,000 per year, and she is currently finishing up a fellowship, making substantially less. Despite his defense that he works upwards of 60 hours a week, including night shifts and has a commute that averages around three hours per day, he got little sympathy from the internet.


"She works 30 hours a week and is pregnant, is flooded with hormones and is probably a bit depressed, losing her drive for medicine with all the nesting instinct," pointed out another user. "It can be a bit physically exhausting."

His wife's changing behaviour wasn't the anonymous doctor-turned-expectant-dad's only complaint, either. He continued his rant by switching gears and complaining that in addition to what he deemed to be laziness, she also had "blown" $1,200 on a stroller without checking with him first.

Needless to say, that didn't go down well, either. One user even did the math to highlight just out petty he was being.

"To break that down, he makes $45,833 a month and is upset over a $1,200 stroller," they wrote.

A new baby can be challenging for everyone involved, there's no doubt about that. Hopefully, Reddit's reality check was enough to set the anonymous doc straight.

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