Doctors Tell Mother 14 Times To Abort Her Now-Healthy Baby Girl

One mother shares how the doctors told her 14 times throughout her pregnancy to abort her daughter and she refused. Her daughter is now 6 months old and in perfect health.

Kiera Meldrum was pregnant with her daughter and she went in for her 21-week scan. She already knew that her daughter had a complication but they weren't really sure what they were.  The scan showed that her daughter had some very serious bowel issues. Doctors saw her baby’s stomach was filling with fluid and realized she had Grade 3 severe ascites to the bowel – a build-up of fluid between the two layers that line the stomach. Kiera was terrified. She had already suffered from four miscarriages and she couldn't believe that her baby wasn't healthy.

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The doctors told her that she should probably abort her baby because her daughter was going to suffer from too many complications that it would actually be better if she would terminate the pregnancy. Kiera didn't want to terminate the pregnancy. She had been hoping so much for the pregnancy and she didn't feel like it was right to terminate her little baby. Kiera went into labor when she was only 34 weeks along and within minutes of her birth the baby was taken away to go into surgery. The little girl, Lillee Rose, went through multiple operations. She then had to spend 8 weeks in the NICU, but then Kiera was finally able to take her daughter home.

The doctors said that there would be issues with her daughter when Kiera was only 8 weeks along. They just werent really sure what was wrong. When she was 12 weeks along it was confirmed that something was not right with her daughter. Each week Keira had to go in and get an ultrasound to check on the progress of her daughter. Each time she was given the same news and was told to terminate her pregnancy. She was offered an abortion 14 times throughout her pregnancy and she never once considered going through with the termination. She said that her body was in so much pain due to the complications, but she pushed through. She felt like she had to do everything for daughter!

When her daughter was born they had to open up her stomach and they found that her bowel completely split in half, with one side wrapped dangerously around a blood vessel. They connected the two halves together with nasal tubes and fitted a stoma bag, and doctors monitored Lillee-Rose for eight weeks inside an incubator. It was a complete miracle that they were able to save little Lillee.

Her daughter is now 6 months old and completely healthy. The surgeries were successful and her daughter is absolutely thriving. She is so happy and blessed that she listened to her gut and didn't want to listen to any of the doctors. She has only wanted to be a mother and she is so grateful for her sweet little healthy baby girl.

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