Documentary Recounts Challenges A Trans Man Faces In Having A Baby

The BBC has released a documentary recounting the challenges Freddy, a transgender man, faced during his pregnancy. There were many challenges, both physical and mental, but he got through all of it for his son. Now, Freddy is enjoying his new responsibilities as a father.

The documentary begins with Freddy’s story before he decided to have a baby. All his life, he wanted to be a boy, and he never truly felt like himself in his female body. With support from his loved ones, Freddy was able to begin his transition into a man. His sexuality further complicates his want of social acceptance because he identifies as gay. Those who don’t understand just tell him that with his reasoning, he’s heterosexual, and continuously explaining himself to people can get very exhausting and discouraging.

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While struggling with all of this, Freddy has also been wrestling with the fact that he wants to start a family. He figured the most practical way to do so is to have the baby himself, as he still has the biological capability to do so. He made the hard decision of stopping his hormonal treatments so that his estrogen levels come back up again. He admitted it felt wrong and strange to feel like a woman again, but he was willing to sacrifice his comforts for a child.

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Freddy finally got pregnant, and it was such a happy moment. All throughout his pregnancy, his mom was there for him guiding him through it. She even told the BBC that she loved being pregnant, so she was glad to help her son through the process. After months of struggling with physical changes and their emotional strains, Freddy gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

His son means everything to him. Freddy went through so much to get him into the world, and now he doesn’t wish to be apart from him; he even admitted that when his son is in the other room sleeping, he already misses him. Freddy never thought he could feel so much love for one person and be incredibly attached to someone, and he believes everyone is capable of feeling this way one day. No matter what other people’s opinions are of Freddy, it’s undeniable that he loves his son so much that he would go through anything for him.

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