Your Dog Is Not The Same As My Baby

I have the sweetest little puppy named Rocky. He is about a year and a half and I love him so much. He is kind, bubbly, scared of everything, and is the cutest Golden Retriever that you will ever meet. Having a puppy can be very difficult. It was hard to potty train him and he seemed like he would pee everywhere forever. My puppy was impossible to kennel train and no matter what we would do he still barks when he is trapped somewhere. He would chew up our kid's toys when he was little and no matter how old he gets he is always going to shed everywhere! My dog chews up diapers, needs to get exercise and sometimes gets into the stupid garbage! A puppy is a lot of work but is nothing like my kids.

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I often hear other people share that my puppy is "just like another kid." Yes, dogs take a lot of work but he is not my baby. My children are so much harder than a dog and they require so much more work. When my family wants to leave the house all we do is put Rocky in his kennel and leave. We don't have to worry about him learning to read, we feed him the same food, I don't have to change his diapers, wake up to nurse him, and he doesn't talk back to me. I don't have to sign my puppy up for activities, help him with his homework, or take him to the dentist. He gives me unconditional love and never is mean to me. My puppy is so much easier than my children.

It is very common nowadays for people my age (millennial here) to have dogs instead of children. I heard one person say, "I love my dog just as much as I will love my children." Look, I love my puppy. I love him so much. He is part of the family. He is my little fur baby, but there is no question that I love my children a billion times more than my dog. My children will always come first and my babies are always more important than animals. Don't tell me that your dog is just like my kid. I have actually had people argue with me and get offended when I tell them that dogs are not babies. I love dogs. If my husband let me I would have more dogs! I am currently trying to convince my husband to get me a bulldog, but I am done having kids because kids are a lot harder! I understand that you love your dog, but it is not like a baby.

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