Your Dog Knows You're Pregnant: 10 Ways They Can Sense It

Dogs are very adorable and powerful little creatures, and they can typically sense a lot of different things. That is why dogs are such a big deal when it comes to finding things. They can be trained to work with law enforcement, which shows just how awesome and useful they can be.

Those who are prone to having seizures will definitely benefit from having a dog around. That is because the furry little ones can often tell when someone is about to have a seizure, even if the person does not yet know it. They are also really good at sensing when a person is pregnant. Here are some ways they can tell a baby is on the way.

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10 They Are Good At Observing Things

Sometimes when a woman is pregnant, others might treat her a bit differently, which is something that a dog will definitely take notice of. Pregnancy effects the emotions of everyone involved, which is why others might act differently towards a woman when she is expecting a new little baby.

Dogs are great at sensing when a person’s body language is different than usual, which is likely the reason why the notice when something like this is happening. They notice that others are acting differently towards an expectant mother, so then they know that something in that woman’s life has changed.

9 Their Sensitive Noses Give It Away

Dogs probably know a woman is pregnant before she has even received the slightest hint that something is happening with her body, since they have extremely sensitive noses. One of the most interesting things about dogs is the fact that they have a much stronger sense of smell than humans do, and it often tells them when something has changed.

It is possible that they are smelling a shift in the woman’s hormone levels, since a persons’ hormones fluctuate wildly when they are expecting a new addition to the family. They can usually smell pregnancy soon after conception has occurred.

8 Dogs Can Tell That A Woman Is Acting Differently

Pregnancy is a very powerful thing, and it often causes women to act very differently than they used to, which is something dogs can definitely sense. Canines are particularly skillful when it comes to recognizing changes in a persons’ actions.

They can tell when someone is not exactly the same kind of person that they used to be, so they will sense when a woman’s personality changes a bit when she is a mother-to-be. Pregnancy has such an impact on a woman’s personality that it can actually change how she behaves for up to two years after her child is born.

7 There’s A Good Chance That The Dog Hears The Baby

A dogs’ ability to hear things is just as powerful as their sense of smell is, so some people believe that dogs might actually be able to hear what is going on inside of the womb. Canines are strong listeners, since their ears can detect sound waves between 50,000 to 65,000 cycles every second, which is within ultrasound range.

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This means that is somewhat likely that animals might be able to detect a fetal heartbeat. This also could mean that furry canine companions are capable of knowing when an unborn child is crying the womb, which starts happening around the 28th week of pregnancy.

6 Animals Can Tell When A Person’s Posture Changes

Dogs notice a lot of changes in a woman when she is carrying a baby, and one of those is her posture. While a woman is not likely to change her posture month in the early weeks of pregnancy, it definitely will as her pregnancy progresses, and they are intelligent enough to pick up on it. While dogs can tell that something has definitely thrown things off a bit when a woman is pregnant, they are not likely to know that these changes are going to lead up to a baby being born at the end of a nine month period.

5 They Notice When Their Schedules Have Changed

Dogs love lots of things, and having a routine is one of them, which is why dogs are very likely to notice that a woman is expecting a baby, since her pregnancy might cause some changes to the schedule that they are used to. Canines get used to certain things very easily, including going outside at certain times, or having their meals.

But when a woman is pregnant, things change. Suddenly, she must attend lots of doctor’s appointments, and pregnant women spend lots of time shopping for things that the baby will need, which leads to them not being able to spend as much time at home with their pets.

4 Dogs Might Not Want To Be Away From Their Owners

A dogs’ behavior towards a woman is very likely to change if and when she becomes pregnant, but the reason behind that is not exactly clear. Perhaps science will explain this at some point in the future.

But for now, it is still interesting to see how differently canines treat ladies when they are expecting to welcome a child into the family soon. How a dogs’ behavior will change is not very predictable, though. Some of them might be a bit more anxious, and others might not want to spend a single second away from their pregnant owners, which is adorable.

3 Canines Can Tell When Their Environment Changes

Another fun and interesting fact about dogs is that they can tell when their environment is changing, so that is also a thing that tells them someone new is about to enter their family. When a woman is awaiting the birth of her child, her home usually changes a lot.

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Babies have to have somewhere to sleep, so that is why many parents-to-be turn one of the rooms in their home into a nursery. Since dogs are not stupid creatures, they know that something is different when this is going on. They can tell that the house is changing a bit.

2 If A Mom-To-Be Is Stressed, They Can Sense Her Mood

Dogs are very good at sensing what emotions a person is feeling, so they know when a woman is stressed, which is often something that women feel when they are carrying a baby. This is particularly true for ladies who find out that they are pregnant during a time when they are incapable of taking care of a new baby.

Expectant mothers might also feel some stress due to the changes that are going on inside of their bodies. There are lots of interesting things that can take place inside of a woman’s body when a new little one has taken up residence there for the next nine months.

1 They Might Get A Clue When A Woman’s Period Is Late

Dogs are awesome at sensing when a woman is on her period, so it is possible that they might think something is really weird when it does not show up on time. But this is not always a telltale sign that a lady is pregnant, since there are lots of other reasons why her monthly visitor could be late.

Stress can actually make a period show up later than usual, and the same is true for certain medical conditions. But since canines are creatures of habit, it is not entirely impossible that they might put two and two together when a woman’s period has not arrived.

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