Donated Placentas Are Being Used To Save Lives

Donated placentas are being issued to help with several different medical issues.

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Many hospitals around the nation are now asking mothers if they would like to donate their placenta. One woman said that when she was asked this while she was in labor with her twins she thought she misunderstood the question. She thought, "why would somebody want my placenta?" She wasn't planning on doing anything with her placenta so what the heck, why not? This sparked an interest in the topic. Why do people want her placenta?

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Placentas have an almost exact match to a form of fascia found all over the body. A facia is a group of tissue found underneath the skin that connects and covers bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, organs, and the brain. Therefore, if an individual has trauma to their natural facia covering, the placenta can serve as a transplant for the individual.

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Fun fact, a placenta is an organ, so donating a placenta is almost exactly the same as when somebody chooses to donate an organ. However, when an organ is donated it can only help one person. When a placenta is donated it can actually help dozens of patients in need. The placenta has a variety of uses. Patients with spinal injuries can receive help from a placenta. The patient can receive placenta tissue injections to help from different types of back trauma. These injections serve as a regenerative form of medicine, and it comes from the amniotic placenta tissue. Placenta injections can also serve as a non-surgical treatment for damaged tissues found in tendons, ligaments, inflamed tissue, as well as the degenerated joints. Placentas can also help as an inflammatory injection to help reduce swelling and pain.

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The possibilities of a donated placenta are endless. The next time you are about to give birth and the doctor asks if you want to donate your placenta you should say, "yes." The donated placenta can help dozens of patients with their various issues. Donating your placenta can help so many people!

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