I Don't Want To Lie To My Kids, But I Want Them To Believe In Santa

I love Christmas time. Christmas is such an amazing time of year. People just seem to be happier. Everything about Christmas makes me so happy. I love the lights, the decorations, the food, the music, and the movies.

I also love teaching my children about the true meaning of Christmas. We tell them all about the Savior's birth and everything that he did for us. We teach them about Christ being born in the manager and all of that important stuff. I know that is the true meaning of Christmas, but I also think Santa is a super fun concept.

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I love telling my kids all about Santa Clause living in the North Pole and being pulled by his reindeer. I love talking about all of the gifts that he brings to the boys and girls and that he has a lot of elves that help him build gifts in the workshop. I love it!  It is truly magical seeing my kids wake up and get excited to see the presents that Santa Clause left them. They love leaving out milk and cookies. They also love leaving out carrots for the reindeer. It is all so much fun.

However, my son is 5 now and has begun asking questions about Santa. He asked the famous question, "Is Santa real?" I have such a hard time with this question because I really want him to believe in Santa. Santa brings so much magic to the holiday. Once you stop believing in Santa, the idea of Christmas becomes less fun for children. I believed in Santa for a really long time because I didn't want to listen to people who said he wasn't real. Christmas was so much more fun!

Now that I have my own children, and they are starting to question the world around them, I want to be very honest but I don't want to ruin things for them. It's kind of like when you put your dog down and you tell them they "went to the farm." You don't just want to crush your kid's spirit.

When my son asked if Santa was real, I responded with, "do you think he is real?" He answered by saying, "Yes." I then said, "awesome!" He then smiled and ran away. I know that very shortly that response is not going to suffice. I am so torn how I am going to respond when that time comes. I desperately want him to believe in Santa for the longest time but I really don't want to lie to him! I don't know what to do!

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