Mom Undergoes Successful 'Double-Surgery' To Remove Brain Tumor Diagnosed At 6-Weeks Pregnant

An Israeli mom went through a “double surgery” to remove the growing tumour in her brain and deliver the baby she was carrying. She began to feel pain and lose her hearing, but any surgery performed during pregnancy will put her baby in danger. With a surgical team’s quick thinking, they were able to save both the mom and the baby.

The 28-year-old mom was six months pregnant when she began to feel strange symptoms. She couldn’t hear from her right ear, and terrible headaches plagued her almost daily. At a hospital in Tel Aviv, doctors discovered that there was a tumour in her head. The meningioma was pressing against her brain stem, and if left alone, it could cause irreversible damage to her brain. After 28 weeks of pregnancy, she began to get dizzy a lot and her vision began to blur.

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She was transferred to Hadassah Ein Kerem, and the neurosurgeons there were tasked with her case. They concluded that all the hormones released during pregnancy encouraged the rapid growth of the tumour. They knew they needed to remove it, but the surgery may cause excessive bleeding. This would be detrimental to the baby she was carrying.

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Finally, the team decided to deliver the baby via c-section on the 30th week of pregnancy, and they would remove the tumour from the mom’s brain 10 days after. To prepare for the procedure, the medical staff closely monitored the condition of both the mom and the baby. If anything were to go wrong, they would find a way to do the procedure earlier.

Thankfully, everything went according to plan. The team delivered the baby boy and made sure he was healthy. 10 days later, they successfully removed the dangerous tumour from the mother’s head. Now, she feels a lot better, and the baby boy is growing stronger every day.

Throughout the whole process, the team made sure to consult the mom. This made her feel more safe and secure, and she knew she could trust both her and her baby’s life in the hands of the doctors. She’s forever grateful for the hardworking and quick-thinking team who saved her and her family.

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