Dove Men+Care Introduces $5000 Paternity Leave Grant For Working Dads

Dove Men+Care has introduced a $1 million dollar paternity leave fund that will go to dads across the country (in $5000 increments) over the next 2 years. Their mission is to provide fathers who don't receive paid paternity leave through their work with an option to be able to spend time with their children without going bankrupt in the process. Dove Men+Care aim to bring awareness to how paid paternity leave not only benefits families, but how it benefits the workplace and communities as well.

As times change, we are beginning to see how important fathers are in the overall upbringing of children (minus the obvious and stereotypical role of provider). As it turns out, fathers are very important in the bonding process for babies. Typically, babies know their father's voice from being in utero, so when they born, their father's voice is another reminder of their safe space. According to Customized Communications Inc., “an increasing amount of research suggests a strong correlation between early father-infant bonds and the happiness of the entire family”. When the baby is bonded with their father, meaning when the baby likes daddy enough that mommy can have some alone time (without feeling guilty that the baby is screaming the entire time), everyone is happy. In order for this to be established, however, time is required on the father's part to be able to bond with their baby. Dove Men+Care is striving towards making this time happen one family at a time.

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Establishing paid paternity leave not only allows for more family time, but it improves the quality of the workplace and the community by helping to establish gender equity while giving male workers the flexibility to be a working parent as well as a family man. Cornell University states that “workers often face tension in balancing their roles as workers and parents since there can be adverse consequences to prioritizing family over work or work over family. Empowering more dads with paid parental leave means they can achieve their professional goals and be supportive, nurturing fathers and partners”. “Expectant dads are in urgent need of support right now”, says Dove Men+Care.

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Dove Men+Care's Pledge for Paid Paternity Leave brings us closer to establishing equality for both parents while promoting awareness on how important fathers are for their children. If you or someone you know would like to apply for the Dove Men+Care Paternity Leave Fund, click here and fill out the application for a chance to receive $5000 to make staying home with that new baby that much easier. Let's face it, when you're a new father or bringing home yet another addition to the family, there's nowhere you would rather be than with that precious little one. Dove Men+Care is helping to make that happen.

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