Down Under Dad Tells Harrowing Tale Of Rescuing His Baby From A Dingo

A family recounts the moment when their toddler was attacked by dingos.

A family had the scare of their life when their 14-month-old almost got killed by a dingo. Luke and Sarah Allister took their 4-year-old daughter, Harper, and their 14-month-old son, Hunter on a family camping trip to Fraser Island. The family also brought the kid’s grandmother, Shaurne Keast along for the trip. Sarah said that the family is very experienced with camping and they take all of the precautions needed to provide a safe camping trip for their children. The family was about to go to bed and they secured all of their food and garbage as to not attract wildlife.

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Luke and Sarah said that their nightmare began at around midnight. They could hear Hunter screaming from inside the caravan, but then they both could hear the screams outside of the caravan. Luke jumped out of bed and chased after his child’s screams. By the time he got to his child, he found his son was being pulled into a bush by a group of dingoes. Luke screamed at the dingoes and they dropped Hunter. Luke grabbed his son and pulled him into his arms. The dingoes were finally spooked and ran off.

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The dingoes were not going to give up that easily. They began circling Luke and trying to snatch Hunter from Luke’s arms. As he was holding tightly onto his son he thought there was a ton of spit on his boy, but then he realized that the spit was actually blood. His son was very injured. Shaurne was on the phone trying to call somebody for help and she said that she thought she was watching little Hunter die right before their eyes.


The family rushed their little boy to the helipad where they were met by a helicopter where they airlifted Sarah and Hunter to the hospital. Hunter started treatment for his multiple injuries including head injuries and a skull fracture. The little boy was discharged about 5 days later.

It has been six weeks since the dingo ordeal and the couple said that their son is very lucky to be alive. They thought that their children were safe in the campervan, but obviously, they were wrong. They don’t have any ill-will towards the dingoes, because they were just doing what their instincts told them to do. They are not cute and cuddly domesticated animals and people need to remember how dangerous they are.

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