Downton Abbey Star Allen Leech Wants To Keep His Baby’s Gender A Secret

Allen Leech doesn't want to tell anybody the gender of their upcoming baby. He is going to keep it a secret.

Downton Abbey star Allen Leech and his wife are expecting a beautiful baby. Leech knows the gender of the baby but he refuses to tell anybody what they are going to be expecting. Page Six tried to get him to confess the gender, but he refused to be tricked by their tactics. He said that he can't tell anybody because he was pretty sure that his wife would break his legs if he accidentally divulged that information.

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His wife, Jessica Blair Herman shared last week that they were going to be having a baby! She announced her pregnancy by rocking her beautiful baby bump at the London Premier of American Crime Story. Leech said that it was kind of weird announcing her pregnancy but it was to the point where they couldn't really hide it anymore. He said that they would have been happy not sharing the news with anybody but they didn't know how to hide her big baby belly. If they can't keep the pregnancy a secret they want to be able to keep the gender a secret to make sure that they get to keep a little piece of information just for themselves.

Leech shares that Herman is about 5 months along and she is doing great. Both the baby and mom are doing "brilliantly." He shared that it has been very exciting to watch all of the changes and his wife has really enjoyed going through all the changes. He said he is very excited to be able to learn just as much from the baby as he will teach it. He shares that it will be a lot of fun to be able to go through the new adventure. Leech says that all of his siblings have children and so he has been able to watch them with their children and learn how to be a parent.

Both Leech and Herman are extremely excited and thrilled to be able to start this new chapter in their life. The couple got married in January 2019 and they wasted no time to start their family and we are so happy for them! We hope that Herman continues to have a healthy rest of her pregnancy and that the baby continues to grow big and strong!

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