The Truth About Dream And Blac Chyna: 15 Reasons They'll Never Be Kardashians

Not much is seen from the youngest Kardashian sibling and only boy, Rob Kardashian. Named after his father, but sporting some of Kris' winning celebrity genes, he is the only Kardashian that doesn't seem to care for the spotlight in the same way as his famous sisters Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie.

While Rob isn't as famous as the rest of his family, it doesn't mean his mother and sisters don't want to see him happy and healthy. Rob has dated some big names in the biz like Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Adrienne Bailon (from Cheetah Girls).

Not all of those hopes for their brother and son were met when he met, dated, became engaged to, impregnated, and broke it off with Blac Chyna. Blac Chyna was a former dancer, a stunt double for Nicki Minaj, and has been name-dropped in one of Drake's songs (Miss Me). It was a rough year of courting for the pair, and now that they have a healthy baby girl named Dream, they still haven't been able to make it work as a couple.

Now that they have been in Splitsville for some time already, we are recounting the many reasons their relationship failed, and why we think Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian's off again on again baby mama, and her sweet daughter Dream will never be 'Kardashians'.

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15 Blac Chyna Tried To Trademark Her Name

Via Vulture

After just 10 weeks of dating Blac Chyna, Rob K popped the question, and the reality star happily accepted the proposal, posing with the 7 carat dazzler on her finger. Following suit with her future sisters-in-law Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, Chyna tried to trademark her future married name, Angela Renee Kardashian. Born Angela Renee White, Black Chyna seemed ready to look forward to her future business plans with the infamous Kardashian surname in tow. Considering her cosmetics line, beauty bar, and line of false lashes, we could see how the Kardashian name could benefit her like it benefited Kylie Jenner.

The Kardashian sisters were less than supportive, however, and opposed Chyna's request to trademark Angela Kardashian,

according to People, stating that they would "suffer damage including irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill". That's one way to publicly reject your brother's fiancé!

14 Dream's Name Isn't As Loved By Fans

Via Glamour Magazine

While on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Rob's half sister Kendall Jenner appeared and was asked to rank her nieces/nephews name from the ones she liked to the ones she didn't. Dream's name came up last, and undoubtedly threw some serious shade towards Rob and Chyna.

As reported by the Daily Mail, some fans tweeted that Dream Kardashian sounds like an ice cream flavor, and 'a corny ad aimed at us poor folk'. Others made jabs at the Rob's little girl's moniker by saying it sounds like one of Kylie Jenner's lip kits.

We could certainly see why fans aren't in love with the name - it falls in line with names like Rainbow, Apple, Flower, and River. While this name works for this Kardashian (because it's on the birth certificate and too late to change), it doesn't work in real life and won't be copied by fans for their own children like Kylie's baby name of Stormi will. And with Dream's mom being shamed online with her intimate photos released and being badmouthed by the Kardashians, other parents are even less likely to want to adopt the name for their own little ones.

13 Chyna's Legal Ruling Against Rob

Via The Tropixs

After his public release of Chyna's intimate personal photos which showed every nook and cranny (if you know what we're saying), Blac Chyna lawyered up with her high profile attorney, Lisa Bloom (known for representing Kathy Griffin in the Donald Trump case), to obtain a restraining order against her former lover and Dream's father. According to Blac Chyna's Snapchat, Rob has been physically inappropriate towards her before, and that also prompted her to take legal action now that he has posted her lady bits online.

While we don't know the details of the restraining order, as they have not been made public, we do know that Rob is not allowed to be near Blac Chyna, or post about her online.

The restraining order legally prevented the E! production team from filming the second season of Rob & Chyna due to the pair not being able to physically be near one another.

12 Tyga And Rob Teaming Up Against Her For Custody

Via Tattoo Schennai

Blac Chyna might be looking at a custody rearrangement for both her children soon if baby daddy #1 Tyga and baby daddy #2 Rob Kardashian get their way.

While the two have sparred in the past (with Tyga dating Rob's little sister who was still a minor at the time, and Rob dating Tyga's ex-fiancé and baby mama), they seem to be joining forces in the battle of custody for their kids.

Chyna's new relationship with young rapper YBN Almighty Jay (who is only 11 years younger than the Lashed Bar owner), has created some tension for her children's fathers as they worry about their safety. While this dad duo isn't looking to take the children completely away from Chyna, it's their goal to gain more custody and/or prevent their children from being around her new boyfriend, according to Life & Style Magazine.

11 Chyna's Stroller Wielding

Via Crime Online

Easter Day this year, instead of being at home doing an Easter egg hunt or snacking on marshmallow and chocolate with her kids, Chyna visited Six Flags with her daughter Dream, and son King (whom she shares with rapper Tyga), according to NY Daily News.

A fun family outing went from sweet to sour quickly when a fan decided to call Chyna a derogatory name and proceeded to touch her daughter. King and Dream were both rushed away to safety by Chyna's entourage while mom hung back with her plastic stroller.

She eventually lunged at someone with it in a rage while onlookers filmed with their cellphones.

The busy mom of 2 had an ongoing contract with Momiie, a stroller company, who has since dropped the model, stating that they, "cannot excuse that sort of reaction and behavior particularly in a family resort around children".

Further, the Kardashian family is worried for Dream's safety now, but are happy that Rob is no longer with his former fiancé.

10 She Has Already Moved On

Via People

Who's that young man on Chyna's arm these days? It's YBN Almighty Jay, an 18-year-old aspiring rapper from Texas who already has over 10 million Youtube views. Chyna apparently met the young rapper on Christian Mingle.

According to Daily Mail, YBN admitted to refusing to practice safe intercourse with Chyna, stating he "wouldn't sleep with a woman he wouldn't want to get pregnant". Considering Chyna already has 2 children from two different fathers, we wonder if she is considering getting herself pregnant again with this young man's baby?!

This is the newest relationship for Chyna since her accidental adult film was released (without her consent, or the consent of her now ex-boyfriend, rapper Mechie). Chyna's lawyers are earning big bucks these days, and have now added pursuing the person who leaked the video of the rendezvous.

9 Rob's Inappropriate Oversharing

Chyna also found herself the victim of the non-consensual sharing of her intimate photos online last year when Rob shared photos of her private parts in photos across social media. The captions on his photos were seriously degrading, and accused Chyna of cheating on him (with great detail) for his 9 million followers to see. In California, this type of non-consensual release of personal photos or videos is illegal.

Kim Kardashian rose to fame after her intimate tape with Ray J was leaked almost 10 years ago, which only earned the then-future reality star a whopping $5 million. While there have been rumors that Kim K's tape wasn't 'accidentally' released,

Chyna's exposed photos can still be found online and are the direct result of Rob illegally posting them after becoming enraged with her.

With that type of behavior (which is considered to be a form of domestic misconduct), we are sure that Rob and Chyna are done for good, and she won't be sporting the Kardashian name ever. And rightfully so, because no woman should marry a man who chooses to share the intimate photos of her body online for millions.

8 Chyna Sued The Kardashians

Following Rob & Blac Chyna's split, their reality TV show 'Rob & Chyna', crashed and burned. The show only survived for a season, with a total of 7 episodes which followed the couple through their pregnancy and delivery of their shared daughter, Dream.

Chyna blamed the Kardashian family for taking up all of their production team's time, and as reported by TMZ, subsequently filed a lawsuit against the family. Her lawsuit states that the powerful family used their influence over the network to kill her show.

The judge ruling over the case has dropped Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian from the lawsuit, agreeing with the argument the Jenner/Kardashian family lawyer brought forward stating they did not have anything to do with the show being cancelled.

Rob stated that because Chyna obtained a restraining order against him following his release of personal intimate photos on social media, the network could no longer film the two if they couldn't be in the same room as on another.

7 Kim Doesn't Like That Chyna Copies Her

Via The Sun

Kim Kardashian has never accused Chyna of copying her, but that doesn't mean fans haven't noticed! There have been plenty of instances where Chyna looks to be a huge (not-so-secret) fan of Kanye West's wife when it comes to fashion.

Fans noticed when Chyna copied Kim's go to look during her pregnancies with North and Saint by donning a tight tube dress and long coat.

Chyna also opted to give birth to daughter Dream in the same hospital (costing the star $4,000 a night) as the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV star, and even opted to follow in her footsteps by taking placenta pills after her daughter was born, according to Wet Paint.

The biggest copycat Chyna seemed to exhibit was her cover on Paper magazine, where she embraced her nude baby bump. Paper magazine was the host for Kim K's 'Break The Internet' cover, where she posed with her assets oiled up and on display.

6 Rob & Chyna's Explosive Relationship

Via The Sun

Besides Rob leaking Chyna's personal photos online in a rage, the couple had a lot of issues leading up to their eventual split.

To start, Chyna has a son with rapper Tyga, who broke off their relationship when he began dating Kylie Jenner (Rob's half sister). When Rob and Chyna got together, Kylie felt betrayed by the union according to Hollywood Life.

Chyna created her own engagement rumors online while flashing a pretend engagement ring, which was seemingly done to confuse fans. But a few months later, the couple did become engaged. A few months after that announcement came the announcement of their pregnancy with daughter Dream, and their relationship began to go haywire. They broke up several times during the pregnancy, and then after Dream was born before calling it quits.

After those revealing photos surfaces of Chyna, she decided to have some revenge of her own by taking to Snapchat by sharing her side of their relationship: "Rob u did all this but u [...] me up and try act it never happen!!!!! U put hand on me I swear on god!!!! On my kids but I’m supposed to be quiet because you’re a Kardashian".

5 A Little Too Thirsty For His Liking

Via Radar Online

It seems that Blac Chyna is a little thirsty when it comes to men, and she can't stay put with just one. Maybe it's the fame of the chance for missed opportunity that keeps her from being monogamous, but Rob's heart was crushed when he discovered his baby mama and fiancé was with other men. After sending Rob a video of herself kissing another man on the 4th of July,

Rob took to social media to declare war on his girl.

One of the men Chyna cheated on Rob with even asked for money from the Kardashian brother to help support her, and threatened to expose Chyna if Rob didn't comply.

There's also that whole T.I. threesome ordeal that got handled online, where Rob confessed to fans that T.I. paid Chyna to do the deed with himself and his wife in earlier years, according to US Magazine.

4 Rob Doesn't Enjoy The TV Spotlight

Via Entertainment Tonight

Even if this disastrous duo decided to give it another go, it's well known that Rob doesn't like to be on TV. With his exclusion from his family's ongoing reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it's been safe to assume that the Kardashian brother doesn't care for the reality spotlight that the rest of his family favors.

With the anemic ratings E! received from airing Rob's show centered around his and Chyna's relationship and pregnancy (Rob & Chyna), coupled with the restraining order Chyna obtained before the filming of the 2nd season, it looks like the one chance Rob had at actually embracing any kind of reality TV show have gone right down the drain.

We wonder if Chyna will get her very own reality show with all the real life drama she's been involved in, but we know for sure she that if she ever does she won't be touting the Kardashian name. Unless her TV show is something like, Being The Mother Of A Kardashian?

3 The Kardashian Sisters Avoid Chyna

With all the family and social ties the Kardashian sisters have to Blac Chyna, it's hard not to be around her or run into her.

Chyna's 5-year-old son was fathered by ex-fiancé rapper Tyga, who broke of their engagement to date the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sister, Kylie.

Chyna then started dating Kylie's half-brother Rob Kardashian.

Before their split, however, the sisters and momager Kris Jenner urged Rob to end the relationship while Kris is rumored to have offered Chyna 5 million to 'walk away', as reported by the Daily Mail.  The sisters tried to support his relationship while they were together because he seemed so happy with his pregnant fiancé, but they weren't fans of the drama Chyna brought.

Needless to say, now that the relationship is dead and gone, the Kardashian clan is done with the bull in the Chyna shop.

2 Rob K & Chyna's Moms' Constant Clashing

Via Star

Blac Chyna's mom, Tokyo Toni, is known for stirring up drama with Dream's paternal family members, but Kris Jenner more so than any other. With Toni sounding off on Instagram (while daughter Chyna was still engaged to Rob) calling the Kardashian family  terrible names and declaring that the family would not be invited to their wedding, Kris reportedly called Chyna's mother in a rage and demanded a public apology, which Toni obliged to and asked fans to follow her lead and be the bigger person. Rob and Chyna were apparently upset by the outrageous comments her mother made against the family, and also demanded the apology.

Toni claimed that she was defending her daughter, and always would, but that she didn't feel 'proper' about publicly bashing the family. Recently, Toni has made comments about the Kardashian/Jenner family births, claiming that they are trying to steal the spotlight from her granddaughter, Dream Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian West's 3rd baby Chicago was born via surrogate in January, Kylie gave birth to daughter Stormi in February, and Khloe's gave birth in April.

1 Fans Are Done With The Chyna Drama

Via Hollywood Life

While Blac Chyna may be making headlines with her love life, intimate photos blasted everywhere, and touting a Kardashian baby on her hip, her fan base has shrunk since her relationship with Rob didn't pan out.

Fans certainly care about the up and coming Dream Kardashian (especially because of how adorable she is!) because we all want to see what becomes of her and the other Kardashian/Jenner babies,

but everyone is starting to phase out of the KUWTK frenzy as they are starting to realize that everything on the show is super staged and they are left craving more.

Being that Chyna hooked up with the least talked about Kardashian, the only publicity she is earning herself is negative, and 'fans' are simply watching to see the train wreck that her life seems to be taking, especially having hurled the stroller at a rude fan.

References: US Magazine, TMZ, Daily Mail, Wetpaint, Hollywood Life and CNN.com.

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