Drew Barrymore Being Mom-Shamed After Recent Insta Picture

Drew Barrymore is being mom shamed for photos she recently posted of her two daughters on Instagram. The Santa Clara Diet star is facing unnecessary backlash from trolls who want to tell her how to be a parent.

Celebrity moms are constantly being watched and scrutinized when they share photos of their children on social media. Barrymore is the latest famous mom to feel the heat from Internet mom trolls. It all started with two different pictures the single mom posted of daughters, Frankie and Olive.

The photo of Frankie did not show her face, but simply her wearing a cool jacket with blonde hair. Olive was the topic of the second post, as Barrymore explained her daughter was mad at her because she has been gone so much. The actress went on to share how she is helping her daughters cope with the fact Barrymore’s job takes her away so often.

Followers were not sympathetic to her mom struggle, instead the 42-year-old was criticized for her five-year-olds pink hair color and bad parenting.

"Oh wow you let her dye her hair?" wrote one user.

“Why would a 5 year old look like a 90's grunge girl??" said another.

"Maybe Hollywood elites should stay home with their kids instead of giving them everything material, when all they want is your time," said one user.

While another decided to tell the actress her oldest daughter is clearly mentally ill and needs medication. Yes, someone really said that to the Hollywood starlet. A troll actually told Barrymore Olive should be medication, then accused the actress of being a bad mom who is raising her children all wrong.

The E.T. star did not respond to any of the negative comments on her post. In fact, she did not respond at all. However, not everyone was there to hate on the actress. She did receive plenty of support from fans remarking how their daughters are the same way, how the mother daughter relationship is complicated, and of course - thank you for being so real.

It is sad that Drew Barrymore is being mom-shamed when she just wanted to be real and share a struggle her oldest daughter is going through. Sadly, thanks to social media, this kind of hate is becoming more common, especially when it comes to celebrities raising children.

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