This $500 Drone Promises To Teach Kids How To Code

DJI's new drone is not only meant to be a form of entertainment for kids, but the developers also want them to learn from it too.

At the risk of sounding as if we are collectively nearing our 80th birthday, we remember toys being very different when we were kids. Hunks of plastic that needed about eight massive batteries were about as sophisticated as things got. Nowadays, the game has very much changed. Kids are messing around with drones and robots and there is very little we can offer to help them with that sort of tech.

As if being too fearful to take control of your child's drone in fear of crashing it wasn't daunting enough, a new addition to the market wants to take things a step further. DJI is one of the foremost drone makers on the planet, and their latest offering aims to teach children how to code their own drones rather than that step being ready-made for them.

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via The Verge

When you order its latest creation, the Robomaster S1, it will arrive disassembled. The purpose of that is so kids can get to grips with it by having to piece it together from scratch. Don't let your children bully you into doing it for them, you've got enough IKEA furniture to build as it is.

Although the S1 is controllable via remote control, DJI's hope is that its owners will use code to program the drone's actions. It certainly sounds like if you want to get the most out of the $499 robot, you're going to want your kids to get to coding. The Verge reports that there are numerous tutorial videos created by DJI explaining how to do so, and even children who have never coded before will be able to pick it up.

The S1 certainly sounds like a lot of fun. Even though it has a pretty hefty price tag for something you're going to trust your kids not to drive out into traffic, we reckon its worth it. If you're still not sold, the S1 comes with tiny, non-toxic gel capsules that it can fire. That way, if your child's friends all have S1s too, they can go to war with each other to decide who is the true king or queen of coding.


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