Dry Shampoo Is A Mom's Best Friend

Life becomes so busy the minute you become a mom. You're pulled a million different directions all at once for this new life you've created, it can be difficult to find even one moment for yourself, and before you know it, you are the conductor of the Hot Mess Express. All aboard. The good news is you're not alone; moms everywhere are doing it. Do you want to know my secret to surviving motherhood these days? Two words: Dry shampoo.

Listen, I know dry shampoo isn't a new invention. However, it's new to me and my fine hair. We're pretty tight these days, as I just don't find time, or make time, to wash my blonde strands every day. Dry shampoo and I don't hang out on the daily, but every other morning we have a nice get together. We meet just after the sun rises, spend several minutes catching up, and then we part ways, enjoying the connection we made and knowing we'll see each other again in two days. It's a good time! (Don't @ me.)

This new routine of washing my hair less is healthier too. Did you know you don't actually have to shampoo your hair every day? It's a personal preference. I didn't know this until a few years ago, and even after I learned it, I still washed my hair every single morning. How overachieving of me, right? Now, thanks to motherhood, I've decided to embrace dry shampoo — a true modern miracle and a girl's best friend. My hair is healthier, my color stays longer, my shampoo and conditioner seem to last forever, and our monthly water bill is cheaper. My husband is happy about the latter, but not as happy as I am. There's so much winning all around.

Sometimes, though, to my dismay, my dry shampoo leaves my hair looking white and powdery. I rub it in the best I can, quickly dispersing the powder with my fingertips moments after it leaves the canister, but some mornings there's just no use in trying. My hair does look better overall; it's just not blonde at that point. I could probably try a different brand, or watch some YouTube tutorials to learn how to better apply it, but so far, on these days, it's been easier to throw on my trusty hat and go on about my day, focusing on what's really important. (Again, please don't @ me.) This is what works for this mom, and I know I'm not alone!

You probably aren't surprise to learn that dry shampoo has disrupted the beauty industry; the global market is projected to grow 6.25% through 2023, according to Business Wire. Knowing these numbers, I wish I could conduct my own study to learn how mothers, specifically, are driving sales.

So there you have it. Now that I'm a mother, I spend a few dollars on a product I never would have touched a couple years ago, and in return I save more money, more time, and most importantly my sanity. I am forever thankful for dry shampoo.

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