Duke Basketball Star Helps Couple Reveal Baby Gender

Nolan and Danielle Burg decided to use a Duke basketball star help reveal the gender of their baby.

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Creative and unique gender reveals are all the new rage. Parents are now trying to figure out the best ways to announce the gender of their upcoming baby. The most popular ways of announcing are through confetti filled balloons, cupcakes filled with corresponding gender colors, and even silly string. We have seen some really creative gender reveals like when a family decided to reveal their gender when they hired a pilot to fly with blue smoke to reveal that the couple was having a boy!

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Nolan and Danielle Burg figured out that they were pregnant a few months ago. They knew that they were going to be having a baby, but they didn't know the gender. They wanted to come up with a great way to be able to announce the gender. Nolan wanted to be able to incorporate Duke somehow into the reveal because that is where he works. They came up with a very creative way to figure out the gender of their baby and they certainly get points for uniqueness. Nolan works at Duke University in the athletics department. He thought it would be a really cool if he had one of the Duke basketball stars, Zion Williamson, to help them with their reveal.

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Zion happily agreed to help the new couple reveal their baby! Zion grabbed a mini basketball and he went and dunked the ball. He dunked the ball into the hoop and when the basketball hit the hoop it exploded with confetti. The confetti exploded revealing that Nolan and Danielle were so excited to be able to figure out that they were going to be welcoming a little baby boy in their family. When the blue confetti sprayed down from the hoop they were ecstatic and completely thrilled. The couple embraced in a big hug!

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Congratulations to Nolan and Danielle on your little boy! We are so excited that you guys get to welcome a little boy into this world! So far Danielle has been having a very healthy pregnancy and we hope that her pregnancy will continue to healthy!

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