Dwayne Johnson Might Be Out Of Town When Second Child Is Born

Dwayne Johnson Might Be Out Of Town When Second Child Is Born

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might miss the birth of his second child.

Actually, it’s his third child--his first child was with ex-wife Dana Garcia back in 2001. After their split, Johnson began dating current girlfriend Lauren Hashian and had his second child (but the couple’s first) in December 2015.

Then, last December, The Rock announced they were expecting again and that their due date would be sometime in the spring.

Now it’s spring, Johnson is promoting his upcoming movie Rampage, and says that his movie obligations might make him miss his third (couple’s second) daughter’s birth.

Dwayne appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as part of his promotional tour for Rampage. After pranking both Kimmel and the audience with an incredible April Fool’s joke, Johnson admitted that it is coming down to the wire.

"We're expecting probably within the next two weeks," says Johnson, "so I am on code red, high alert."


But the problem, he goes on to say, is that the promotional tour is taking him right up to the labor window. Next weekend he’ll be in Shanghai, and a few days after that he’ll be in London. The doctor said that the due date will be April 25th, but that’s cutting it awfully close. Babies don’t always follow a strict schedule, as all mothers know.

But Johnson has a plan. If he’s out of town, he’ll have someone step in to be his stunt-Rock.

“I’m going to need a very good friend of mine. I’m going to need a doula that’s going to help me deliver, and, well, it’s gotta be you,” Johnson said while staring directly at Kimmel.

Kimmel was completely unphased, and the father of four agreed immediately. He did have a condition though: he refused to cut the cord. “It’s patronizing. To me, it’s like being the mayor and you’re cutting a ribbon,” he joked, but then clarified it was actually because he didn’t want to assume the risk of permanently scarring the child.

“I don’t want to screw up my kid’s belly button, that’s why,” he said.

You can check out the whole thing below.


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