'DWTS' Pro Allison Holker And Husband Stephen 'tWitch' Boss Expecting A Baby Girl

Allison Holker and her husband announced back in May that they were expecting another little baby! They just revealed that their new little bundle of joy is going to be a girl.

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Allison Holker and her husband, Stephen "tWitch" Boss are expecting another little baby. They recently did a gender reveal to share with everybody the gender of their sweet baby! The couple announced the sex of their baby to the world by showing a picture of them holding a sign that reads "It's a Girl" the couple is seen standing in front of pink and blue tasseled garland that is hanging in the background. Holker said that she was so excited to be welcoming another little baby girl. She then shares her gratitude for all of the people who came to their gender reveal party to shower them with love and gifts. She shared that her little girl is already surrounded by so much love and support.

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The couple announced to their children that they were going to be having a baby and they shared the video that they made to their Instagram. They shared their news with Instagram back in May. The video showed the two kids walking into the house and their parents were standing there with huge smiles on their faces. Holker and Boss were standing underneath balloons that spelled "BABY" and then they had blue and pink balloons around their feet. The kids walked in and their daughter immediately asked, "are you pregnant?" the parents proudly said, "yeah." We could all feel the joy and excitement!

Allison Holker has an 11-year-old daughter named Weslie Renae. She was from Allison's previous relationship. Holker and Boss share a 3-year-old son named Maddox Laurel. Little Maddox really wasn't sure what to think about the whole pregnancy thing, but he was excited to kick the balloons around and to eat the cupcakes. Weslie started crying out of excitement and she was so excited to be able to have another little baby. We know she will be the best big sister to her little sister.

Congratulations you guys and we hope that the pregnancy continues to go well and that Allison continues to have a healthy pregnancy.

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