Exclusive Interview: Dylan Kaplan & Helen Guo, Inventors Of "The Cereal School," Discuss Zero Sugar, Keto, And Snackable Cereal

BabyGaga recently had the chance to chat with real-life couple and entrepreneurs Dylan Kaplan and Helen Guo, creators of The Cereal School. This pair of anti-sugar, retro-loving inventors are out to change the world, one cereal-consumer at a time.

Take a look at our exclusive interview with Kaplan and Guo and see how The Cereal School was born, how the flavours were invented, and maybe you will also be inspired to create something amazing! At the very least, you will likely be inspired to head over The Cereal School's site to check them out! Enjoy and Bon Appetite!

BabyGaga (BG): Dylan and Helen, what sold the both of you on the idea to actually make cereal?

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Dylan Kaplan & Helen Guo (DK & HG): After graduating from Georgetown University, we decided it was time to “grow up” and start limiting our sugar intake. Our new, restricted diets made us feel better, but we still craved those sweet cereal flavors from our childhood and we weren’t happy with any of the options we found in our local grocery stores.

BG: How did you decide on the two initial flavors?

DK & HG: We listened closely to what our customers asked for and it was clear that a fruit and cinnamon flavor were in high demand. We knew we should start with what people wanted!


BG: Your cereal seems too good to be true! Zero sugar, high protein (16g), low carb, keto and free of lactose, gluten, grain, soy and nut plus non-GMO. We understand that The Cereal School is sweetened only by natural monk fruit (nothing artificial). How is it possible to fit so much goodness into one box of cereal?

DK & HG: Creating our cereal formulas from scratch was really hard! However, we wanted to take the time to fulfill our mission of making cereal that actually solved a problem and would fit with people’s lifestyles by having zero sugar, lots of protein, and a very limited amount of carbs.

We also wanted to think outside of the “cereal box” and create portable, portion-controlled pouches so that people could enjoy their cereal anywhere they want at anytime.


BG: How did you come up with the name “The Cereal School?” (We happen to love it and your retro cereal box design!)

DK & HG: Thank you! We wanted to create a brand that invoked nostalgia and transported people back to happy memories of childhood while enjoying their new, guilt-free cereal. As we talked about how the brand made us feel, the name The Cereal School just came to us and felt right so we went with it.


BG: Your fans on social media seem to think that snacking (dry) on your cereal is just the best! Was this intentional or just a happy discovery?

DK & HG: It was both intentional and a happy discovery. From day one, we focused a huge amount of our time and energy into listening to what our customers wanted. After listening to their feedback, we decided to offer our cereals in portable, portion-controlled pouches so people could choose how and when to enjoy it.

As a result of giving people choices, we have seen a great mix of people eating it dry as well as with their favorite type of milk (or almond milk - it tastes great with both).


BG: What is it like working as a couple on a business plan? What have been the biggest challenges and the best rewards?

DK & HG: We honestly love working together, learning from each other and coming up with new ideas about how to grow the business together. When working on the business plan, the biggest challenge has been to really listen to each other no matter what. It can be hard at times to separate our work life from our personal relationship but the satisfaction of seeing The Cereal School grow and seeing how happy our product makes people motivates us to keep working together and to continue growing together.

BG: Who is your specific target audience?

DK & HG: To be honest, our target audience is everyone! Anyone can benefit from better options of their favorite cereals: men, women, and children. Most of our customers are moms who buy The Cereal School for their homes and want to provide health-minded options to their families.


BG: Do you plan to extend The Cereal School down the line… more flavors, different products?

DK & HG: We’re definitely looking to add some new flavors! We’re extremely proud of the product we’ve created and look forward to expanding our flavor offerings even further. We have some exciting news we’ll be announcing in the coming months, so be sure to keep an eye out!


BG: What is the most important thing that parents should know about The Cereal School?

DK & HG: Our cereal is great for both kids and adults! It has zero sugar, we don’t use any artificial ingredients, and if you see the reviews, both kids and adults love the way all of our flavors taste. It also comes in a portion-controlled pouch that’s easy to enjoy on-the-go, so the cereal can be eaten whenever and however you want.


BG: Where can parents find your cereal?

DK & HG: The Cereal School is direct-to-consumer and can be purchased on our website.

BG: Dylan and Helen, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us and for making the world a less sugary place!

Readers, what do you think about this idea of sugar-free cereal? If you are already a fan of The Cereal School, please let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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