This Adorable Easel Desk Will Keep Your Tot Crafting Into 2020

Christmas is approaching quickly, and before we know it, we have to get gifts for everyone. The panicked buying state always leads us to buy things without considering the actual usefulness of the gift. While adults will gladly accept socks from you for the tenth time, kids put a lot more thought into the gifts they receive. Luckily, we have the internet and online shopping to help us out with the gift-giving season.

Toys on the wish list shouldn’t just be cute and random. In a way, they’re a kid’s first introduction to whatever hobby they want to pursue, and they can quickly become all a kid wants. Whether or not it’s a phase is beside the point; kids should be able to immerse themselves in something they find interesting. The toys could be their first exposure to a sport they’ll love playing, a musical instrument, or interest in certain subjects like animals, cars, and fashion. A wide variety of toys and beginner kits are available for us to purchase, and gift guides online (Like this ultra-helpful one from Walmart Canada) can be a good resource to figure out what to get your kids for the holidays.

On top of encouraging hobbies, you can give your kids a gift that will encourage the best part of being a kid: their imagination. Any parent can see the sheer amount of fun kids have when they let their imaginations run wild; they can even relive the feeling if they play with their kids often. It’s important to have outlets to encourage this dreaming, so getting your kids presents in the creative arts category may be a great idea this year.

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Creative outlets like drawing, painting, sculpting or making music are important to the development of kids’ minds. Especially for young children, expressing their emotions and thoughts may be more difficult when they don’t have a full grasp of the language yet. Drawing and different colors help teach a kid how to properly express their emotions, which are complicated feelings that even some adults have difficulties understanding. This will help boost their emotional intelligence, which is an important tool for when they need to consistently interact with other kids outside of the home context.

Improvement of motor skills is also a huge benefit to kids who draw. The more they practice, the better they will be at refining the lines, coloring, and translating their ideas onto the canvas. Not only is this helpful for a kid’s general mobility, but it is also useful for learning how to write. Letters are basically memorized shapes, and if they have already gone through the drill of putting pencils to paper, then they will have an easier time learning to read and write.

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In a more complex perspective, visual arts help develop a kid’s problem-solving skills. As any adult who has dabbled in drawing knows, it’s quite difficult to translate an idea in your head into the real world. Especially with everyone’s unique drawing styles, sometimes the picture in the mind isn’t necessarily the same as what came out on the page. With this handicap, kids will have to figure out how to create the picture they have in mind with the skills they have and the materials available. If it doesn’t come out perfect, then a kid learns to deal with failures and improve for next time. If it comes out great, then it’s a huge boost to their self-esteem and will only encourage them to get better at their craft.

With all this in mind, this adorable easel is probably one of the best things you can get your children this holiday season. Wherever the Step2 Flip And Doodle Easel Desk with Stool (pictured above) will be in the house will be your kid’s new favorite area to stay in. There is an area for your kid to put up a canvas to draw on, so they can unleash their inner artist and paint something they see in their environment. The easel is more than just an adorable addition to the household; it can store large amounts of any arts and crafts supplies your kid loves to use. It helps not only kids’ imaginations run wild, but the easel also helps moms keep the creative messes to a minimum.

A cute easel is a perfect gift for a creative kid! They will finally have their own area to let their creativity free, and it will make them feel like a professional artist. With an adorable, aesthetic, and mess-free addition to the house, even the adults of the family will love the easel. Perhaps one day, your kid may catch you creating something on it as well!

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