• East Coast VS. West Coast Moms: 15 Ways They Parent Differently (5 Ways They Parent The Same)

    There is an age-old rivalry between the East and West Coast of America. Styles are notoriously different, and each coast inhabitant will claim their coast is the best. While this differentiation may be more ambiguous than realistic, the differences and preferences remain.

    These differences are evident in parenting styles as well as in other areas. The East Coast mom might be known for her rigid schedules, adherence to strict manners and a fierce work ethic, while the West Coast mom is associated with an outdoor lifestyle, laid back attitude and emphasis on alternative medicines and natural food choices. This is not a situation that is only unique to the United States. There are similar perceived differences between Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and between the North and South of England.

    East and West Coast inhabitants will argue over whose music is best, whose style is chicer and whose food is tastier, suggests Student Flights. Local affiliations are fierce in terms of sports teams and this is often where the rivalry becomes most intense. However, there are of course more similarities than differences. Every human being has more in common with each other than differences, although each is individual in a unique way. Parents want the best for their children and to see them safe and happy, whatever coast or country they live in.

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    EC Go To Multiple Birthing Classes, But WC Can't Be Bothered

    East Coast moms take pregnancy seriously. They are not ones to sit back and let the process happen to them- they want to know everything there is to know. So, when it comes to pregnancy and birthing classes, an East Coast mom will be signed up for them all. As if this wasn’t enough, they will also have looked around all the schools and kindergartens that their baby might go to, while they’re still pregnant!

    West Coast moms will just let the pregnancy happen and keep going to the yoga classes and taking the vitamins, and let nature take its course, according to Romper.

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    EC Wear Better Clothes At School Drop-Off etc While WC Are More Relaxed
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    An East Coast mom will be in a sharp suit and heels during the week. Her work wardrobe is exquisitely matched and neatness and precision are key, suggests The Zoe Report. Not only that, but she will be perfectly groomed as well. Her hair will have perfect highlights and her nails will be manicured. These appointments are hard enough to fit into her working week, so she may as well get the benefit.

    A West Coast mom only has mom and toddler yoga to worry about so she can take her time with the school run. She may pull on some sweat pants and some flip-flops or boots if the weather is a bit chilly.

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    EC Kids Go To Mulitple Activities, But WC Kids Have More Free Time
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    East Coast children do not have relaxing holidays away from school. Their moms will have them enrolled in multiple classes for the entire vacation and they will be the best, reveals Town and Country Mag.

    If summer camps last for the whole vacation then that will suit East Coast moms just fine. In fact, if there is a violin camp, a lacrosse camp, and a Mandarin Chinese camp, their kids will be enrolled in those too!

    A West Coast mom has a much more laid back attitude to the summer. They will encourage their kids to be outdoors as much as possible, maybe indulging in a little meditation or join a Scout camp.

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    EC Kids Eat Convenience Goods, While WC Eat Healthier
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    East Coast moms are a busy breed. Whilst they want their children to eat good food, they will buy pizza and pretzels from high-end grocery stores and maybe take their children for a trip to Central Park for a picnic on the go. They will indulge their quirky side with a soda from an artisan deli and feel good about that.

    A West Coast mom has been feeding her child organic food from day one. A major part of their diet will involve healthy foods like quinoa or flaxseed. Children have fresh fruit smoothies as a treat and are used to salads eaten outside in the sun and fresh air. There may be an ongoing battle as to which coast offers the best food, but moms on each coast have their own ideas, reveals AOL.

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    EC Have Medicated Birth And Short Mat Leaves, While WC Have Water Births And More Time
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    East Coast moms like a schedule and a routine and they don’t like something as unpredictable as birth to get in the way. They are likely to have scheduled a planned cesarean section with their OBGYN to fit in with work. They will aim to get back to work as soon as possible after the birth and will have the nanny already booked and in place.

    A West Coast mom will let nature take its course. She will prefer to give birth at home, with a midwife and a doula and will be hoping for a water birth. The experience will be as natural as possible and the mom will want to assist as much as she can by catching the baby as it is born. Hubby might help out by thumbing through recipes for the placenta.

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    Names Are More Traditional In The East
    via: businessinsider.in

    According to She Knows, parents choose more traditional names for their children on the East Coast, whilst the West Coast moms are more trendy and a little more experimental. Proximity to Mexico influences baby names on the West Coast, with Diego and Manuel amongst the most popular choices.

    East Coast moms prefer a name that will stand the test of time and are more likely to choose Wyatt, Emma, Isabella or Jackson. There is a more chic and sophisticated influence to East Coast baby names, many with a preppy feel to them. Perhaps the moms are looking to the future and are picking a name that will fit well with an Ivy League education followed by a job as a CEO!

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    Weather Makes Clothing On The East Coast Different
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    The East Coast has seasons and distinct weather conditions. It rains and it snows and there is noticeable autumn and spring, reveals The Best Time to Visit.

    This can take people by surprise, but East Coast mom will have taken the weather into account for every activity with her weather forecast mobile phone app. She will have a wardrobe for every eventuality, and effortlessly slip her children into the appropriate clothing to fit.

    A West Coast Mom, particularly a Californian mom, doesn’t need to worry too much about the weather. It is pretty much always sunny, so laid back sun wear and shades are a year-round uniform.

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    Most Have More Support On The East Coast
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    East Coast real estate is typically more expensive per square foot and homes are often close to each other in flats and condos. However, it is typical to live for years next to someone and not know their name. Families have moved apart and there is less opportunity for an average East Coast mom to gain support from parents, so they often pay for care for their children.

    With more space on the West Coast, homes are further apart, and families have often migrated together, so there is more familial support for moms. The laid back lifestyle creates opportunities for moms to mix and socialize, so play dates and childcare have a more fluid, spontaneous feel, suggests City-Data.

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    The East Coast Is More Expensive, So Mom Has Less Spending Money
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    Mom and Dad are likely to have ‘proper’ grown-up jobs on the East Coast suggests Livlyhood., which is necessary to pay the rent and bills that are steep on the East Coast. On the West Coast, parents are more likely to have less structured jobs and possibly more than one on the go at once.

    Unless East Coast moms are earning big bucks, they will have less money to spare for children, as the prices are comparatively higher in many cases. The bonus for West Coast moms is that the outdoors are there for the taking and it's free, so money isn’t so much of an issue when trying to entertain the little ones.

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    West Coast Kids Have A More Diverse Peer Group
    via: childtrends.org

    According to The USA Online, Americans are restless beings and like to move around several times during their lifetimes. Migration to the west coast cities has been buoyant and this gives an eclectic, multi-cultural feel to the population. Different nationalities have influenced society, food, music and skills.

    The West Coast is popular for Mexican migrants and the culture is a diverse mix of many nations. Children benefit from this mix with a multitude of ethnic and national origins from which to choose their peer group. Whilst the East Coast has diversity as well, it is more pronounced on the West Coast.

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    Private Schools Are More Popular On The East Coast
    via: publicschoolreview.com

    Private schools on the East Coast have a rich history and a formula for success that has been tried and tested for centuries. East Coast moms have a competitive edge when it comes to educating their children and want to give them the best opportunities, and many believe that private school offers this. They work hard to pay the steep fees, but believe the sacrifice is worth it.

    A public school education is appealing to a West Coast mom as the school is likely to be closer to their home so there is less of a carbon footprint and hassle involved in the school run. Whilst donations to schools tend to be higher in the East Coast, philanthropy is responsible for improving many West Coast institutions, according to The Non Profit Times.

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    There Are More Mountain And Beach Activities In The West
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    There are a wealth of beaches, outdoor spaces and stunning national parks within easy access of the West Coast, according to Awol Junkee. The relaxed lifestyle suits this landscape where deserts and mountains are there to be explored.

    Children might be encouraged to channel their inner Huckleberry Finn with camping trips and picnics, or days on the beach in the fresh air. A freer more laid-back attitude to children’s activities exists on the West Coast, compared to a more structured attitude to play on the East Coast. Play is more likely to be focused on learning, unlike playing on the East Coast where there's an emphasis on improvement.

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    WC Moms Have More Holistic Births, While EC Moms Like A Structured Birth Plan
    via: livescience.com

    Even hospital advertising on the two coasts focuses on different elements that they feel might entice patients to use their services. An East Coast hospital might focus on their high tech equipment and efficient services, whilst a West Coast hospital would focus on alternative therapies and their encouragement of individuals to express their own views, suggests Live Science.

    An East Coast mom tends to favour a more medically managed birth as opposed to a more holistic approach on the West Coast, focussing on keeping the experience as natural as possible. An organic diet with herbal supplements is a common trend in the West, whereas the East Coast moms favour education from classes and medical experts to guide their experience.

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    EC Parenting Is More Fast-Pased, While It's More Relaxed On The WC
    via: babble.com

    Life is harder and faster on the East Coast, whereas the softer, more relaxed attitude to life on the West Coast encourages less structured parenting styles. Maybe it is the sunnier weather that gives a more chilled out vibe to parenting in the West Coast, suggests McCoy Writing.

    East Coast moms feel more social pressure whereas West Coast moms forge their own paths more and let their children enjoy more freedom. Although it is a generalization, society tends to impose more rigid rules on the East Coast than the West and this is reflected in parenting. East Coast moms are associated with more structured standards and conformity as opposed to a freer vibe to life on the West Coast.

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    The East Coast Is More Manners-Focused Than The West Coast
    via: theamericanschoolofprotocol.com

    To an East Coast mom, her children’s manners are paramount. She will instil in them in her youngsters from an early age and engage a therapist or consultant to finish the job if the message hasn’t sunk in.

    They will hope their son will grow up to be like the boys she grew up with who addressed fathers as ‘Sir’ and held doors open for ladies. Old fashioned courtesy is the aim according to The Odyssey Online.

    On the West Coast, the attitude is informal, to say the least. Manners might not be top of the list for a West Coast mom, as they will be more interested in whether or not their child is a free thinker and has the chance to develop their own unique personality and interests.

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    EC Has More British Influence, While WC Has More Spanish
    via: ucanr.edu

    The East Coast has more history and historical artifacts than the West Coast and East Coast moms might enjoy taking their children on a flea market or antique shop browse for the weekends, according to Reddit.

    The East Coast residents are proud of their history and whilst their heritage may be young in comparison to other countries, The East Coast loves to promote the depth of history they do have in comparison with other parts of the United States.

    There is a more British influence to the East Coast, whereas the West Coast has more a more diverse population with a colourful set of influences from many cultures and nations. There is a bigger Hispanic community and some Native American influences.

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    Children Often Go To Daycare On Both Coasts
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    All parents need a break from their children, and for those that work daycare is a necessity. Daycare can involve single or multiple children being taken to someone’s home or a special setting to be taken care of for a period of time up to the age of around thirteen.

    This is a phenomenon that covers the whole country and is not coastally specific. Whilst East Coast moms might be fussier in terms of picking the correct daycare, it is certainly a service that is used on both coasts. Good quality daycare has been proven to provide an excellent start for children, according to USA Childcare Aware.

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    Parents On Both Coasts Worry They're Doing It Wrong
    via: nypost.com

    As parents, it is natural to want to do and be the best for each child. However, as perfection is impossible, many parents feel they are falling short of the grade. This is a worldwide issue, not specific to any coast and not specific to any country.

    According to Understood, parents have common worries about their children’s future and their self-esteem regardless of where they live. Other regular concerns are the health of children and how they are coping at school. Of course, parents want to help their children in any way they can and feel frustrated if they feel powerless if they are in trouble.

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    Parents On Both Coasts Only Want The Best For Their Kids
    via: bbcamerica.com

    Every parent is passionate about wanting the best for their children. Regardless of their circumstances or geographical location, this is a common thread across the globe. Parents want the best food, the best school, and the best opportunities for their children.

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    Children Want To Watch TV And Play Video Games On Both Coasts
    via: wikimedia.org

    Children in the United States watch more television than any other country in the world, according to Statista. This is not a statistic that is more prevalent on one coast or another. Children everywhere love to relax and have some downtime by watching their favourite program or engaging in video games.

    Many children in the USA are fortunate enough to have cell phones and tablets, and they love to learn and play on these devices. Parents face a constant battle trying to limit ‘screen time’ and sometimes these boundaries are a major battleground. However, whatever the geographical location of the child, screens are a draw for children, period.

    References: MindjetGreenBookExtraPackOfPeanuts, INC, AllParenting

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