10 Easy DIY Baby Keepsake Box Ideas

Baby keepsake boxes are an excellent thing for parents to create for their lovely little ones. These are things that their children can cherish and treasure as they get older. Then, when they're old enough, mom or dad can give their child the box for safekeeping. The boxes can be as simple or as intricate as a parent would like and all that’s required is some creativity and imagination! Parents can store their baby’s childhood items and favorites in these keepsake boxes. Things such as their first pair of shoes or even their favorite stuffed animal can go into these gorgeous boxes!

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The possibilities are really endless. Continue reading to see 10 easy DIY baby keepsake box ideas!

10 Personalized Adorable Newborn Keepsake Box

This simple and easy DIY baby keepsake box idea is incredibly adorable. All it takes is either a steady painting hand or you can buy some letter and number decals at any craft store. This box can either be made out of wood or cardboard (or any other material that you choose) and you can also purchase these types of keepsake boxes from any craft store as well. It leaves you with a blank canvas to work on.

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The creator of this box added their baby’s name, birth date, birth time, birth weight, and a golden heart. Parents can choose whatever colors they would like for the paint and decals.

9 Little Elephant Baby Girl Keepsake Box

This fabulous little elephant and hearts keepsake box was designed with baby girl’s in mind but it can work well for any gender. You can purchase a blank, empty keepsake box and paint it. The little elephant and hearts could be made from precut wooden figures that you have to paint yourself and sometimes they sell them already painted.

You could also use premade foam cut-outs or sticker decals. Then, all you need is some ribbon to tie a little bow on the front of the box. The lettering can be done using lettering decals. To glue the pieces together, a hot glue gun is recommended,

8 The Adventures Of…

Parents can make this adorable baby keepsake box for their little one by starting with an empty wooden or cardboard box. This one happens to be jungle-themed and would be perfect for a little boy. All lettering for this box idea has been painted on and it reads, “The Adventures of Evan,” but, of course, you would personalize it with your child’s name and date of birth instead.

You can purchase the little figures either prepainted or paint them yourself and glue them on with a hot glue gun. For the trees, you could also either use paint or a decal. The possibilities are endless!

7 Butterflies & Footprints

This baby keepsake box idea is absolutely gorgeous! Parents can get a blank wooden box and butterfly, hearts, and the little girl decals. You can get the decals that aren’t colored in and use either paint or markers to fill them in. For the itty bitty footprints, parents could either draw them on, use decals, or use your child’s actual footprint to make it so much more personal.

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The lettering can either be painted on or by applying the lettering decals. This is something that your child would be able to cherish as they get older.

6 Calander Baby Keepsake Box Idea

While this keepsake idea has the numbers and letters etched in, all a parent would have to do is purchase lettering decals or paint/draw them on a blank keepsake box instead. This calendar idea is unique and so adorable!

You could either add other decals or decorations on to it to add some flair or leave it with just your child’s birth month calendar, their name, time of birth, and how much they weighed at birth. It is a very simple and easy DIY project that you can create after your baby is born!

5 The Blue Giraffe Keepsake Box

This next keepsake box is just so precious and simple to make yourself! You can purchase a blank, empty keepsake box and paint it yourself as well as add the decals and lettering. This box was made with baby boys in mind, but it can very well be decorated for a baby girl or gender-neutral by just switching around the colors that you want to use.

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The adorable little giraffe can usually be found and purchased as is or you could even paint it on instead if you have the artistic ability to do so. The lettering can be done by using decals or by being painted on.

4 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The external part of this gorgeous keepsake box is simple and you can write on whatever you please. This idea uses “Twinkle, twinkle little star.” You can usually find little sayings or phrases that are premade and all you have to do is stick the decals right on the box and paint a border around it.

The inside of this box would be a little harder to create if you’re not good at making itty bitty drawers, but you can separate little areas with some painted wood or cardboard pieces.

3 Sky Themed Baby Keepsake Box

This adorable keepsake box idea would be a great gender-neutral fit for either a little boy or girl. Parents can get a little unpainted or prepainted keepsake box and section off areas on the inside with wood or cardboard. You can either make the little drawers, or you can create one without the actual drawers.

You can label each area with whatever you would like. As an example, this one has “My special keepsakes" or “My first scan,” along with a few others. The stars and moons theme is perfect for a little one!

2 Easy Printable Top Keepsake Box

This next DIY keepsake box is quite simple and easy to make. You just need to have a computer with a printer and a blank, empty keepsake box. You can choose to paint the box any color that you would like and use your computer to create a picture that has your child’s name, birth date, and birth weight on it.

You can choose to add any background or design that you would like. This box is a great gender-neutral idea for any newborn!

1 Never Grow Up Large Keepsake Box

This keepsake box idea is quite larger than the rest of them. You can purchase a blank keepsake chest and fill it up with lots of your baby’s keepsakes from their first outfit to their favorite stuffed animal.

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You have the option to choose a blank keepsake box or a prepainted and designed one. For something like this, you get tons of different decals to add to the exterior of the box along with different words or phrases! Allow your creativity to take the lead!

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